Saturday, May 12, 2012

An Amish Wedding by Kelly Long, Kathleen Fuller and Beth Wiseman

Goodreads Synopsis:

In "An Amish Wedding", several notable authors including Wiseman craft the stories of three Amish women who yearn for the perfect wedding.

My Take:

A very enjoyable collaboration of three books in one.  The books are:
1.  A Perfect Secret by Kelly Long
2.  A Perfect Match by Kathleen Fuller
3.  A Perfect Plan by Beth Wiseman
At the end of the book it includes: 
*Reading Group Guide
*Amish Recipes
*About the Authors

My Take:
All three of these stories are somewhat intertwined. In the first story, A Perfect Secret, by Kelly Long, Rose and Luke are neighbors, and they happen to get engaged. Rose worries whether or not passion really can exist between the two who are such good friends. Will it be as good as if it were someone else? Do these two friends know each other to well for there to be passion in their relationship? Both of them have secrets from the past that affect the present, and all kinds of things seem to be going wrong in preparation for the wedding. Is this God's way of trying to keep them apart after all? 
In A Perfect Match by Kathleen Fuller, Naomi seems to have a knack for setting up other people, all but herself. There was a man in her past that abandoned her and broke her heart. Getting engaged to Zeke, whom she was originally going to set him up with someone else, get engaged                                  who also happens to have a past, gets him worrying if his own marriage will eventually end up like his own parents. He is worried. Will their worries about their soon to be marriage be worked out?
In A Perfect Plan, by Beth Wiseman, Priscilla, Naomi's younger sister, is engaged to Chester. The problem with with this couple is Priscilla. Every little detail about their wedding must be perfect. Why? Is she holding back on a secret, too? This really starts to worry Chester. What is so wrong if something little goes wrong? He's concerned. What's going on with Priscilla?
In all three of these stories which are intertwined, all three of these couples seem to have some type of past secret they are holding back from one another. Can they all work these problems out before they get married?
I enjoyed this book very much! The writing is always good by these Amish writers, the story lines are always great with a twist thrown in somehow, someway.
ANY person who loves to read Amish Fiction will LOVE this book! I give this a 5 star rating! 

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