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My Stubborn Heart by Becky Wade - REVIEW

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Now, onto the Synopsis and My Review!

Goodreads Synopsis:
A Sensational CBA Debut in Contemporary Romance 
Kate Donovan is burned out on work, worn down by her dating relationships, and in need of an adventure. When her grandmother asks Kate to accompany her to Redbud, Pennsylvania, to restore the grand old house she grew up in, Kate jumps at the chance, takes a leave of absence from her job as a social worker, and the two of them set off. 
Upon her arrival in Redbud, Kate meets Matt Jarreau, the man her grandmother has hired to renovate the house. From the first moment she meets Matt, Kate can't help but be attracted to him--he's got a combination of good looks and charisma that draw and tug at her. But she knows there's zero chance of a romance between them. Matt's in love with his dead wife, and even if he weren't, Kate realizes that she's way too ordinary for him. For Matt Jarreau is no ordinary guy. Kate discovers that he was once a great NHL hockey player who left the sport when his wife--an honest-to-goodness former Miss America--was diagnosed with brain cancer. Matt's been hiding from people, from God, and from his past ever since. Yet Kate is absolutely determined to befriend him, to try to reach him, to help him in some small way. 
No, Kate's not looking for love. She knows better than that by now. But when the stilted, uncomfortable interactions between Kate and Matt slowly shift into something more, is God finally answering the longing of her heart? Or will Kate be required to give up more than she ever dreamed?

My Take:
3.5 stars. Christian Fiction. Overall, I enjoyed this book. The cover is GREAT! Very inviting. The sound of the story on the back of the book, from Goodreads and on Amazon all make it sound like a great story is to come our way, but I found it was predictable,  almost to much so. One of the last words in the book was 'perfect'. Perhaps that is what "I" think is wrong with this book, in that the situations were a little 'too perfect'. Kate was to much of a 'goody-two-shoes girl' at times for my liking. A little to perfect. (There is that word again! Perfect!) She wanted to help set up her Grandmother's friend with a male friend of theirs, thus finding out that this woman wanted the man to do  a complete overhaul of his entire looks, right down to requiring designer named clothing. With this being Christian Fiction, do looks and designer names really matter when you get deep down into the heart, into a very real possible relationship that could turn into love? No, they are not supposed to be, but yes, with this particular character. 
Kate had been spending all of her time with her Grandmother and her Grandmother's friends. I was wondering if Kate had any friends her own age? There were other things in the book like this as well that just didn't seem so 'christian fiction'. Take Matt. EVERYONE who met this young man, including Kate, thought he was HOT! Literally, that is the word they used. Couldn't Matt just have been handsome? A former NHL Hockey player, maybe HOT is the word that is required for this situatin, I don't know? Of course, Kate thought Matt was hot, of course! She really wasn't looking for a relationship, but she hung around Matt a lot while they were restorng her Grandmother's old house. The both of them started to enjoy this very much, which was kind of cute.
For being 'Christian Fiction', faith was brought up a few times, but never delved deeply into it.
I guess the issues that occurred in this book were very light. They did not get to deep at all, which made the story a little lacking in depth for my preference. I happen to like books that are a bit more complicated than this story is, although, if someone is looking for this type of light, enjoyable, easy-to-read, feel-good book, you've hit the jackpot! From what I understand, for this publisher, Bethany House, this is their first book in the Christian Fiction genre. For most people, this book is going to be a huge HIT! It's a great 'feel-good' story! For those of us who prefer a little more substance to our reading, this one is a little better than a 50/50!
I received this book for FREE from the Publisher, Bethany House, through LitFuse Publicity, through their Book Reviewers Program in exchange to read this book and write a review about it.  It is NOT required for this review to be either positive or negative, but, of my own honest opinion. Free means I was provided with NO MONIES to read this book or write this review, but to enjoy the pure pleasure of reading it. I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255,
Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


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