Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Megan's Way" by Melissa Foster is a FREE Ebook on Amazon NOW!

FREE at Amazon NOW! 
"Megan's Way" by Melissa Foster!
Go get your FREE ebook NOW!!
A celebration of life and love! Excellence in writing!
Limited time only so hurry!
**Watch for my husband's review of the latest book he read tomorrow here on OUR Blog!


  1. Thanks. I did download it. Because of my location, I had to pay $2.00 for the wireless delivery. My only regret is Amazon is the sole beneficiary.

  2. JL - It's also on Smashwords free, but that doesn't help you after it's downloaded (sorry!). Thanks for the support! My second release, Chasing Amanda, is also on Amazon and has been reduced to 99 cents:-) Grab it while it's reduced...

    Laurie - always a pleasure to stop by!


  3. Hi Joy!!!
    You mean Amazon is the sole beneficiary and the "Author" does NOT make any money off of the $2 wireless delivery. You are bummed about 'that' part! I agree! It doesn't seem right when the internets "Cloud" is 'in the air' regardless of where anyone lives! EMAIL is FREE, so should Wireless delivery!! Hey - I have an idea!!! Instead of getting wireless delivery, can you let it go into your account at Amazon, THEN download and bypass that $2 Wireless delivery that way? Cause don't you have to plus your Kindle into the computer to get it that way??? THAT "IS" a way to bypass that $2 Wireless delivery fee. If you are not aware of that, send me an email and I'll go into it further! I 'might' be able to save your LOTS of money!!!! Email me!! XO Laurie!

  4. Hi Joy, AGAIN!!!
    I have to call Kindle about my Kindle, then the PC APP I have on my computer. EVERY book I get through the 3G delivery (I also have wireless. I bought the expensive Kindle. Which version do you have? I need to know that to ask them the question. I'll email and see if you get that faster than the Comments here.)Anyway, EVERY book I get I get double! I get it on my PC AND on the Kindle. Drives me NUTS! It's taking up memory on my PC that I NEED! I only have a 2 and not a 4 on the PC, so it eventually won't hold a whole lot when I have OVER 200 books on my Kindle! I'm going to zip off an email to you to find out what version Kindle you have! I want to try to save you money!
    Hey - my next giveaway, the September Back to the Books Giveaway, I'll be doing ONLY a $15 Amazon OR Book Depository Gift Card. I 'think' Book Depository is FREE for Kindle? Do they do Kindle?? Hmmmm? I never thought about KINDLE at Book Depository??? Do you know about that? I;m going over to email! See you!!!

  5. Joy - I don't have your email addy!!! Email me PLEASE at laurieisreading at gmail dot com!!!
    Thank you!!!!!!!


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