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Gordon's Review! "The Ridge" by Michael Koryta

Gordon’s Reviews:
Gordon?  Who is Gordon?  My husband!  He reads just about as much as I do, if not more!  The other day I was thinking, after he put yet another book on the coffee table for me to ‘try’ to find room on our bookshelves for, (and I don’t think it’s going to happen!  Not in the living room, anyway!), I thought I should post HIS reviews as well.  He reads a LOT of great books as well, so be prepared to read his reviews, too!  I guess this will be “our” Blog now!  A really cool thing – he loves Kathy Reichs’ books just as much as I do!  For those of you who are not familiar with Kathy Reichs, her books are what FOX TV Network bases their TV show, "Bones" on.  We LOVE "Bones"!  It's our FAVORITE TV show out of ALL of them in that genre!  Of course, the books are completely different than the TV show.  BOTH are AWESOME!  As a matter of fact, Gordon just finished reading "Spider Bones"!  I'll have to ask him what he thought about that book and write a review on it for all you out there that LOVE both as well!  
One more thing!  Recently, I was SO lucky to “WIN” a Giveaway of a box of “6” NEW books by Best Selling Authors from Hachette Books, given away by Mary at Bookhounds!  Thank you, again, Mary!  It was the Father’s Day Giveaway she was running!  I thought “I” was excited, well, when they came, and I got the box open, Gordon was BEYOND excited!!  He dug right into the box like a kid in a candy store!  This book I am Posting a review on is just ‘one’ of the books Gordon read and told me about, so I turned what he told me about the book into ‘his book review’!  Here is what he had to say about this book:
Gordon's Review of:
"The Ridge" by Michael Kortya
This is a good ‘yarn of a read’.  It’s suspenseful and draws you right in.  It read so quickly because the story was so intriguing.  It read to fast in a good way as the story was that good.  For enjoyment reasons, I wanted the story to last longer and had to really force myself to put the book down so I would not devour it all in one sitting.  I would give this book a ‘high’ 4-star rating.

The back of this hardcover book is covered in RAVE reviews by people such as Dennis Lehane, PARADE, Scott Smith, the New York Times, and Ridley Pearson.  The front cover has praise from Dean Koontz, and the inside cover has more praise by James Patterson.  All praise from the best of the BEST!
The general storyline is:  (from the inside cover)
In an isolated stretch of eastern Kentucky, on a hilltop known as Blade Ridge, stands a lighthouse that illuminates nothing but the surrounding woods.  For years, the lighthouse has been considered no more than an eccentric local landmark – until its builder and keeper is found dead at the top of the light, and his belongings reveal a troubling local history. 
For Deputy Sheriff Kevin Kimble, the lighthouse keeper’s death is disturbing and personal.  Years ago, Kimble was shot while on duty.  Somehow the death suggests a connection between the lighthouse and most terrifying moment of his life. 
Audrey Clark is in the midst of moving her big-cat sanctuary onto land adjacent to the lighthouse.   Sixty-seven tigers, lions, leopards, cougars, and one legendary black panther are about to have a new home there.  Her husband, the sanctuary’s founder, died scouting the new property, and Audrey is determined to see his vision through. 
As strange occurrences multiply at the ridge, the animals grow ever more restless, and Kimble and Audrey try to understand what evil forces are moving through this ancient landscape, just past the divide between dark and light.
The Ridge is the new thriller from international bestseller Michael Koryta – further evidence of why Dean Koontz has said, “Michael Koryta’s work resonates into deeper strata than does most of what I read.” And why Michael Connelly has named him “one of the best of the best.”
Other books by Michael Koryta:
The Cypress House
So Cold the River

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