Thursday, August 4, 2011

lauriehere: "Chasing Amanda" by Melissa Foster

lauriehere: "Chasing Amanda" by Melissa Foster:"BLOG TOUR “Chasing Amanda ”by Melissa Foster It is now eight years ago since Molly witnessed the abduction of a little girl in a Walmart parking l..."


  1. Yes! So happy! I can finally follow :) I love the cover and premise of CHASING AMANDA. It look like it's only available digitally or is it in print, too? As always, a clearly great pick.

  2. Hi Jenny!
    I have to split this into 3 Comments to go thru! Here's the first part!
    I was just going to tell you I left you a message on Book Blogs! I see you got it! GREAT! I am SO happy you were able to FINALLY get to Follow via GFC! Sometimes it is pickier than the 'pickiest person' alive! YEAH! It worked!
    Thanks for the compliment on my choosing another great book! Yes! This book is EXCELLENT! Melissa Foster, the author, is TRULY one to watch! Her other book, Megan's Way, is being made into a movie! I don't know if you went to the Giveaway Tab and scrolled all the way down to the bottom, but, Megan's Way IS Free as an ebook on Smashwords right now! Melissa Foster, the author, wants as many people as possible to be able to read this book before the movie comes out, which is why she is offering it for FREE as an ebook! The link is:
    It is completely different than this book, Chasing Amanda. It is about a young girl who is losing her Mother to cancer, and it is also about a Mother losing her daughter because of the cancer she has. It is a book about 'The celebration of Life and Love'. Probably a hard concept to grasp, but the book is beautiful, even though Megan, (the Mom) is dying. She wants her daughter to remember the BEST of their lives together, NOT the cancer. Personally, I am now going through this with my Father-in-Law. Even though it is a 'loving concept', it doesn't seem to make losing our loved one any easier, yet, while they are still alive, we are celebrating our love for them, and they, for us. It's an excellent book to read, and once read, you understand it so much better! Same thing in my case. I love him SO much, I don't want to lose him, yet he is at peace with this concept and wants us to accept what he is doing.

  3. Anyway, in 'this' book, Chasing Amanda, Molly once witnessed the abduction of a little girl, and has always blamed herself for not doing anything at the time she witnessed it. Now another little girl goes missing and she DOES do something about it! MORE in my review. EXCELLENT BOOK!
    BOTH books ARE available in 'book' format! YEAH! This Author also has founded a website for women, by women! It is called Check it out! It is probably something you will like. There is SO much available there to do, to read, to participate in 'if' you want to. I enjoy it quite a bit!
    It is SO GREAT to hear from you, as always! Continue to take care! Keep in touch! I am looking forward to the release of YOUR book coming up!
    For those of you who do not know Jenny Milchman, she is the author of a Short Story I did a review here on my Blog for! It is called 'The Very Old Man'. It is available to purchase to read by using my Amazon 'search box' (in the left side column) under books, and it is called "Lunch Reads", Volume 1, as an ebook for 99 cents! It has two short stories, the first one is her Short Story, mentioned above, The Very Old Man. Read my review! Here is the link: BUT SCROLL UP THE TINIEST BIT TO SEE THE REVIEW! Pulling up the comments was the ONLY way I could get a link to the post, which is why you need to scroll up the tiniest bit,and then YOU can read the review there!

  4. Jenny is a VERY talented writer herself! This is a very original story, and one you don't want to miss! Jenny Milchhman has a NEW book coming out that she has asked me to read and write a review on! I can't WAIT to get to do so! Jenny, I think we are waiting on the Publisher, right? As soon as I hear anything about this NEW book, I will be sure to let all of your Reader's out there know about it! I 'will' guarantee it will be a book WELL worth reading!
    Thanks for coming by, Jenny! Again, both of these books by Melissa Foster ARE available as BOOKS! You can order them directly from my Blog here, if you'd like! It links directly 'to' Amazon, and also helps to support this Blog!
    Again, I am SO happy you came by! Take care, and keep writing! (I don't give you any rest, do I?! LOL!)
    This is the LAST COMMENT!!!

  5. Hi Jenny, thanks for stopping by. Chasing Amanda is available in print, too:-) Check out Amazon!

    Thank you, Laurie! As always, your support is greatly appreciated!


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