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"The Help, a Novel" by Kathryn Stockett

“The Help, a Novel” by Kathryn Stockett

In Kathryn Stockett’s debut novel, “The Help”, which continues to remain number one on the New York Times Best Seller List, writes a compelling story of African American and Caucasian women in the deep south of Jackson, Mississippi, coming together with a passion to correct the wrongs in life for both races, to change things, to make a right.  This happens to take place during the early 1960’s of the Civil Rights Movement when a lot of dangerous things were occurring because of the times especially in that area.
Personally, I think of it as a type of a war between both races against each other at that time which needed to be fought and won to the point of everyone finally treating each other as equals, as it should be and now is, finally.  Through all  of this, these women, the Help, still risked their lives to tell their stories; eventually.
This story is so emotionally engaging it grasped my attention from the first sentence till the very last.  Stockett’s writing is gripping, nail biting.  She even goes so far as to write it in that 'southern twang', which made the book even more realistic.  No, I did not want to put this book down but only for the demands of life.  I spent one night without much sleep as I had to keep reading this book.  The author is highly skilled at portraying the characters emotions, so you feel what they feel as you read along.  You feel the ups and downs of all the characters in this book, and have no problem relating to any one of them.  These women’s stories are intriguing.  You gasp as what some of them have experienced in their own lives, and in their family’s lives.  The ways some of the white women treated these black maids was horrendous, as well as the white men’s treatment to the black men. 
Then here comes Skeeter, home from college, with her Bachelor's Degree, fresh and full of life and energy, wanting to write a book.  An editor with whom she had previously spoken to had given her advice as to what to write, to write her passions.  After several attempts and failures, it took her to really look inside of herself to find the most passionate thing she wanted to write about.  The things that happened to her, for example her maid, Constantine, who raised her, was suddenly gone without explanation, and all she wanted to do was to find her because she loved this woman with all her heart and soul.  She wanted to share her life’s ups and downs with her, but no one would tell Skeeter what happened to this woman, not even the help.  This started eating away at Skeeter, which is what gave her the passion to write the book about The Help. 
Writing this book was no easy task for Skeeter.  The maids were not willing to want to help her.  They were afraid of what could happen with all that had happened to them and their families so far.  One of the maids, Aibileen, was the one who came forward to Skeeter to help her.  
The story had to be told in a special way.  A way in which no one would know who told it.  No one would know where it took place.  No one would be able to guess who the stories in the book belonged to.  They even went so far as to put something extra in this book that if it were to be found out as to who may have participated in the writing of this book or had anything to do with this book that they would not be able to tell.  Exactly what this was is for you to find out when YOU read this book!
This book gives you many different feelings; feelings of rage, anger, disappointment, and helplessness.  Slowly you start to feel better and better to the point of elation because of what the book they all wrote brings attention to;  the ill treatment of the help.  By now you are cheering and laughing.  
Everyone needs to read this book.  It is beyond good.  It is brilliance.
Kathryn Stockett’s book, “The Help, a Novel” deserved to be made into a movie, (which happens to open tomorrow, Wednesday, August 10th, at select theaters, and then Nationwide on Friday, August 12th) unlike any other book I’ve read this year, besides Rachel Simon’s book, “The Story of Beautiful Girl, A Novel”, brings to light the injustices people have done and the needed steps taken to correct the wrongs that people have done in the past and then in realization, turned them around and were made into rights.
Get your copy today through the link I have provided above through Amazon.  I will reread this book again, and possibly a third time.  This is how much I enjoyed this book.  You will want your own copy so you can choose to do that as well.  You will because you will want to.  I cannot sing the praises of this book enough.   
I chose to read this book on my own.  It was not provided to me by anyone; no author, publisher, publicist, or anyone else.  I purchased this book through Amazon on my own.  It was a book I read a lot of wonderful things about and had to read for myself.  The opinions I expressed in this review are of my opinion and of my opinion only.  I have not been influenced by anyone or anything.  
This book is a work of art!  I give it a 5 Star rating!  I HIGHLY recommend reading it!  Also enjoy the movie if you get the opportunity to go and see it.  I am!  I’ve been counting the days to its release!  (I am embarrassed to admit this, but I have not been to a movie theater in over 8 years because of my disability.  Somehow, some way, I am going to do it and ENJOY!)  I honestly feel this is truly a 'can't miss movie'!  There is not a way you could have missed the previews for this movie or not have seen all the advertising for this movie online.  It's everywhere.
(One important thing I noticed about this book.  Make ‘sure’ you purchase the 'original' book with the birds on the front and not the ‘Movie Tie-In book’.  I read the ‘original’ book and that is what this review is based upon.)
Finally, I believe this book will become a classic in it's own time.  It should be.
Laurie Carlson 
copyright 2011
Tuesday, August 09, 2011.


  1. A friend of my was telling me just the other day that she was reading this book. I think it sounds like a hoot. Thank you for sharing today.

  2. Thanks for coming by Denise Z.
    Yes, this book is one NOT to be missed. Take away all the hoop-la, and still, it is not to be missed.
    I predict this book will become a classic. It should be.
    Koodles to Kathryn Stockett!

  3. This book is recommended reading for any adult and probably some teens as well. I was so impressed with the writing and read it very quickly. I remember I was on the waiting list for it at my library for a long time, but it was so worth it! I can hardly wait to see the film!

  4. Sounds like a terrific book. Thanks so much for your post. I must live under a rock, I guess, because I had not heard anything about it or the movie, which also sounds exceptional.
    Laurie's Thoughts & Reviews

  5. Hi Ruthhiull74!
    Yes! I would recommend it to anyone as well! I loved the Southern slang it has in it. You could feel like one of the characters listening to the character who was talking with the use of the slang. The books does read to quickly, I agree! That is because it is SO GREAT! Another can't miss book! I cannot wait to see the movie, either! It's in my plans this week!
    Thanks for stopping by the Blog AND leaving a comment! I LOVE comments! GREAT to meet you! Come on by and visit again!

  6. Hi Laurie!
    I just LOVE your name! You don't live under a rock! You are busy reading books for your Blog! It's being advertised ALL over TV and the Internet now! It's even on Twitter, too! @helpmovie Go check it out! There are some previews there! You can also see the previews on You Tube! Do a search on The Help Movie. They are GREAT! You will most likely LOVE the movie! It looks like it follows the book VERY closely! I'll let you know as soon as I see it. I will write a Post on the movie! I honestly cannot wait to see it! Hubby and I are thinking of an afternoon matinee to try to avoid the crowds! Enjoy if you go see it!
    Thanks SO much for stopping by my Blog! It's GREAT to see you here!


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