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#StackingtheShelves #40! Blog updates and week's end 6/25/16!

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First, let's find out HOW Stacking the Shelves works! 

Hello everyone! It's that time of week again, that time to do an awesome "SHOW AND TELL" of the books I have been given, from authors, from publishers, I bought, borrowed, or received somehow, the library, a yard sale, or some way this past week! I LOVE showing books off like this! This is one of MY favorite posts to write!!
I also use THIS POST EACH WEEK to do somewhat of a wrap-up AND to post my NEW REVIEWS, NEW GIVEAWAYS, and whatever else I should bring to your attention!
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Hello everyone! Last week I did not get any NEW books so I had nothing to write about so I did not do a post last weekend, however, I was busy, busy, busy reading, though! I have 3 NEW reviews from last week and this week, and I'm almost done with ANOTHER book which I have posted below and you can see the cover. I'll be posting that review this coming week!

REVIEWS - 2 weeks worth since I did not have a Stacking the Shelves last weekend! Just click on the name of the book to see it!

The Bay of Sighs, The Guardians Trilogy by Nora Roberts released June 14th! I LOVE this trilogy! A group of immortals are looking for three stars, and they have dark forces to conquer while finding them. In this book a mermaid becomes human, and it's delightful to listen to the mermaid describing her life as a human! She has legs and is quite fond of them! I LOVE ALL of Nora Roberts writing, and in fact, Nora Roberts is responsible for my NEW fondness of some Fantasy in books!

What We Find, Sullivan's Crossing #1 by Robyn Carr Oh! I LOVED this book! First off, the beginning lags at first, but hang in there because it does pick up. Sullivan's Crossing is a campground/convenience store for campers and especially hikers on the Colorado Divide and another trail (the name is not coming to mind, sorry!) and post office where these hikers mail packages of supplies they need on their hikes at different places! It's also a the place that our main character, Maggie, has spent a good portion of her life growing up and as an adult and also where her father lives and runs all of this, his name being Sully. You'll adore him! Maggie also meets a NEW man who comes to stay, and his name is Cal. Oh! You're going to want to read this NEW series!

Gridley Girls by Meredith First If anyone wants to revisit the 1970's, you are going to fall in LOVE with this book! It will bring back memories you won't believe when you're reading it! You are going to crack up it's SO comical in places! It brought back so MUCH for me! It's about a group of 4 lifelong girlfriends starting in Junior High (back when it was called JUNIOR and not Middle School!) and High School who called themselves, "The Group". This book takes us from their childhood all through life, into their 40's when one of them are going to get married, this brings them back together, especially Meg and Anne as they reminisce about everything, even their own relationship that had some moments. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Again, click on the book's NAME and it will take you to the review!


Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave - author of Little Bee - a book about WWII. This is VERY descriptive, very sad, and I've always understood about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but I FEEL it when I read the horrible war scenes. One part keeps playing over and over in my head, so I truly DO understand how soldiers have a hard time when they get back home. Due to the descriptive war scenes, this book is a little at a time. At least this is all I can manage. I'll tell you more as I'm almost done!


Since She Went Away by David Bell - review date "THIS" Tuesday, June 28th!

BOOKS I RECEIVED THIS WEEK! Wow!!! "SIX" NEW BOOKS in ONE WEEK! That is called when it rains, it's pouring TIME for AMAZING BOOKS!!!! LOL! I LOVE ALLLLLLL OF THESE!!! I can't WAIT to share the reviews with you!

The French War Bride by Robin Wells - Release Date: August 2nd
(I LOVE this cover!)

Falling by Jane Green - Releases July 19th - Review on July 20th!
This book is being compared to Jojo Moyes', 'Me Before You' AND the CLASSIC from Erich Segal, 'Love Story'! Only 148 pages, this book will turn you into a crying baby! Although originally published in 1970, this classic love story stands the test of TIME! I read Love Story several times, a few times as a teenager, and again as an adult. A movie was even made about this book the SAME YEAR the book was published! I have seen that movie over and over and every time I see it I BALL MY EYES OUT!!! If you have not read the book (which the book is ALWAYS the BEST!!!) or seen the movie, you do NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING!! (You NEED MAJOR KLEENEX for either the movie OR the book!!!) Now comes this book, Falling, which is based loosely upon this author's OWN love story and is also being compared to the two books above, but it has to live up to a LOT to be compared to Love Story! We'll see! I really can't wait to read this one and see how good it is, or isn't??? That fact remains to be found out!
Although, this DOES give you "THREE" books that come HIGHLY recommended!

Letters From Paris by Juliet Blackwell - Releases September 6th
This is SO pretty! I am REALLY looking forward to this one, too!

Twelve Days of Christmas by Debbie Macomber - Releases Oct 4th!
I LOVE Debbie Macomber and I LOVE Christmas!!! I think Debbie Macomber is the BEST author of Christmas stories out there! (There ARE some other authors who do write WONDERFUL Christmas stories, too! I cannot exclude everyone!) What really impresses me about Debbie Macomber is the variety of all the characters this author pens is just AMAZING to me! I'll HIGHLY RECOMMEND "ANY" of her books, even the non-christmas books!

The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz - Releases June 28th and my review will be sometime in July!

A Curious Beginning, Veronica Speedwell Mystery #1, by Deanna Raybourn - re-releasing July 12th in PAPERBACK! I will be re-releasing my review, too, (this originally released in December 2015) and now we are lucky enough for MORE! We'll might possibly get an Author Interview AND A GIVEAWAY, too!!! I am waiting to hear back from the publisher! Book #2 is coming out in January 2017 - A Perilous Undertaking!


The Secret Language of Stones, The Daughters of LaLune #2 by M J Rose - Releasing July 19th! I DID get to read Book #1, and if this is ANYTHING like the first book in this series, we are in for a TREAT!!! I've been DYING to read this one, and it is NEXT on my list! I can't wait!

AND - this one below which I talk about up above. I believe this book's review will be posted on Thursday, June 30th!

ALL of these book's reviews ALL post ON their Release Dates EXCEPT FOR . . . "Falling" which will be the day after, July 20th, because there is another book I am in a blog tour for, and both of these books release on the same day, the 19th. I like to post ONE book per day, as long as I can, so Falling's review will be the day after it's release which is the 20th. HERE is the book which will be reviewed on July 19th:


  1. I read a Nora Roberts trilogy AGES ago which was fabulous so of course, I had to buy the first in the Guardians trilogy Laurie. Looks fab!

    A great week for books (might have to close my eyes next time though hahaha).


  2. omg I love Debbie Macomber too and I agree she does the best Christmas stories (well, except for Mr Miracle, in my humble opinion). Can't wait to read this one! :D

    Sya @ Bookish Sya
    MY STS

  3. Some interesting books here but I don't think I could read Everyone Brave is Forgiven - it would play on my mind for weeks.


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