Wednesday, June 29, 2016

#REVIEW - Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave

An instant New York Times Best Seller!


ebook: $ 9.99
print:  $16.83


  1. Great review! I've seen this one a lot of people's top lists for the first half of the year and your review is no different. Definitely need to pick this up!!

    1. Hi Eva!
      Thanks for the compliment about my review for this book! Yes! This was quite the book! I really felt like I was there the way this author described everything. He is an excellent writer! You get so pulled into the story as you are reading along, you swear you can smell the smoke from the bombs, feel the earth moving when the bombs hit the city or the island, you could taste the sand in your mouth and feel the scratchy eyes from the sand that got in them on the island, as well as the severe hunger the London soldiers suffered from on the Island of Malta.
      I do have to admit that before I started to read this book, I was worried and maybe a little apprehensive about whether I would like this book or not because it is about war, but no! I LOVED this book! The author's writing is so good, and there was so much that happened in the book that it addressed so much about the war. There were things in it I never learned in school, such as how the people in London suffered from all the bombing, etc.
      One thing I wished I DID add to the review was the part that WE, the US, was not YET involved in the war until the end of the book when we moved into London.
      I will read this a second time around, but later. I'll let what I read sink in and pick it up again. It's worth a second read through because the first time, just like when you watch a movie the first time, you miss a lot. I know I may have missed some things, and might understand others now that I know more history about it. I look forward to reading it again!
      Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy this book when you go to read it! I KNOW you'll love it just as much!
      Have a Happy 4th!


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