Saturday, May 14, 2016

#StackingtheShelves #35 plus blog updates and week's end!

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First, let's find out HOW Stacking the Shelves works! 
Hello everyone! It's that time of week again, that time to do an awesome "SHOW AND TELL" of the books I have been given, I bought, borrowed, or received somehow, some way this past week! I LOVE showing books off like this! Especially when the books have AWESOME COVERS!! That is MY favorite part!!
With THIS POST I am often always finding MORE amazing books and adding them to my TBR list! That list is longer than my life already, but that's okay! What's life without a list with reading on it longer than my life? There is NOT ONE!!! I also LOVE to see other books and I like to look for trends! How do I do that? When I see the same book on other blogs quite often, I KNOW that book HAS TO BE GREAT!! That's the BEST way to spot an amazing book!

I'm also finding OTHER PLACES TO LINK UP TO AS WELL! I'm finding these places from other blogs, and they are GREAT ideas! The following NEW one is Talk of the Town where we can add ALL THINGS BOOKISH! Check it out!

GOODREADS: Make sure to ADD any books you find you want to read to your TO BE READ list on your Goodreads page! Why? Goodreads will send you a NOTICE telling you "a book on your To Be Read list" is in a Giveaway" . . . for however long! Nice, eh . . . ? Oh, yes!!! You get to go over to Goodreads and ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!

Want to see MORE books than just my stuff each week? Okay! Awesome!! Many of you who do not go to the Sponsor's blog on Saturday's are missing out and may not know you really should go there to do the following:
When you are done here, go up to the top of this post where I thank the Sponsor, Tynga's Reviews (that is the Sponsor) you really w and click on that sponsor's name. Once at Tynga's Reviews, find HIS/HER POST and follow the Arrows TO READ the post, "Stacking the Shelves" meme, which is usually ALWAYS the first post on the LEFT of her blog. Click on the arrow! You'll get to see what he/she got, BUT, what I'm after to show you is to SCROLL DOWN FURTHER, and you'll see usually a VERY LARGE and LONG Linky-List of blogs GALORE!!! Blogs ADD their names to this list ALL DAY LONG!! I've been known to add mine close to midnight on Saturday! Visit a few blogs! You're now ADDICTED to Stacking the Shelves! (Sorry - not really!!! LOL!!!)

I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh (click on the titles to see the reviews!)
The Last Good Girl by Allison Leotta - WITH GIVEAWAY!!!
May I Suggest . . . #Giveaway Blog Hop! To 5-19!

In the LEFT SIDE COLUMN!!! Go for them!

This week I had to get some things done I needed to do for myself, so I just had the one review. I have to say that book, The Last Good Girl by Allison Leotta was SO GREAT, I was spoiled by her writing and did have a hard time starting a NEW book! I did, though! Don't worry!

I AM CURRENTLY READING (releases this Tuesday):
I LOVE Mary Kay Andrews for a GREAT beach read!!

Last week my blog went down due to coding errors and I believe I made it happen! Ooops!  Now instead of just typing you MUST type in OR that might have been MY fault! Most likely! LOL!

Here are a few MORE books I've gotten over the last 2 weeks!


Liar Liar by MJ Arlidge releases June 7th!

Watching Edie by Camilia Way - Releases August 2nd!

The One Man by Andrew Gross (WWII but so engaging!)

I Will Send Rain by Rae Meadows - about the dust bowls of the US Midwest

Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave - From the Publisher - Paperback! - about the war in London and takes the misfits (so sad) plus a love triangle. I'm anxious to start this one!

What We Find by Robyn Carr - From the publisher - Hardcover! Can't wait!

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  1. I haven't heard of any of these but they sound interesting. I hope you enjoy your new books!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian


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