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What could possibly be better than to show your love to someone OR TO YOURSELF than by making handmade soap! I fell in LOVE with this book, and thought I would share it! 
I also recently came across a GREAT DEAL on one of those television shows where they sell things! Yes! I KNOW! I fell victim! LOL! I bought a mixed box of different scented Goat's Milk Soap (mostly all unscented, but some were just plain, while others had oatmeal - and a LOT of oatmeal in it! One bar had invigorating eucalyptus in it! WOW!!! There were MORE, too! I just fell in LOVE with these soaps! However, the price tag for '1' bar of soap is $15! Yes! I will spell that out! Fifteen dollars! I want it! I LOVE it, but there is no WAY I can afford to pay $15 for ONE bar of soap!!! Yes, I could just buy Dove, but why not SHARE THE LOVE at gift giving time with these GORGEOUS BARS OF GLORIOUS SOAP?! If you can't beat 'em, you join 'em! I thought you all might like to try this, too! So here is the book! This author, Gregory Lee White, from reading reviews on other books that are about the same thing, have often mentioned that "White" is the way to go! So here we go! One for YOU, and one for ME! We will go on this journey of love together! Oh! You don't want to give this soap you make away? THAT'S FINE! KEEP IT! I AM!!! WE have to try the soap out first, of course! See how nice our skin turns out from this, etc! You let me know how well this works and I'll let you know! We can message each other and see how AMAZING this is! (I am sorry ahead of time if I have given you something to do that you have absolutely fallen in LOVE making! That happens! Just enjoy it!) LOL!

With a no-nonsense approach and easy to follow directions, professional soap maker, Gregory White, shares his experience (and recipes) for creating cold process soaps. White takes the reader step by step through the process of making natural soaps for family, friends, and for profit. Easy to understand and master. This second edition includes extended directions for first time soap makers, new recipes, how to make soap in small and large batches and a guide to using essential oils. Includes tips and advice for how to cut and cure soap, how to sell your soaps, packaging and labeling, and how to set up at a craft fair or market. Over 45 soap recipes from luxurious to economical.

Authors Note: I listened closely to all of the reviews I read here and also the feedback directly from readers. From their feedback, I included all the things that readers/reviewers felt were missing from the first edition: more instructions on STANDARD soap making, more recipes for standard soap making, how to swirl colors in soap, how to sell soap, how to cut and cure soap, how to set up a booth at a craft fair or market.

The original "Bubbles and Bull" section where I described past business relations that went south has been greatly edited to only two stories, leaving more room for soap talk and soap recipes. The second edition also includes a section for those who want a few recipes using animal fats.

Thanks so much,
Gregory Lee White

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