Friday, March 11, 2016

#StackingtheShelves #27 Plus why Bloggers can't repost an ARC on Kindle

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First, let's find out HOW Stacking the Shelves works! 
Hello everyone! It's that time of week again, that time to do an awesome "SHOW AND TELL" of the books I have been given, I bought, borrowed, or received somehow, some way this past week! I LOVE showing books off like this! Especially when the books have AWESOME COVERS!! That is MY favorite part!!
With THIS POST I am often always finding MORE amazing books and adding them to my TBR list! That list is longer than my life already, but that's okay! What's life without a list with reading on it longer than my life? There is NOT ONE!!! I also LOVE to see other books and I like to look for trends! How do I do that? When I see the same book on other blogs quite often, I KNOW that book HAS TO BE GREAT!! That's the BEST way to spot an amazing book!

GOODREADS: Make sure to ADD any books you find you want to read to your TO BE READ list on your Goodreads page! Why? Goodreads will send you a NOTICE telling you "a book on your To Be Read list" is in a Giveaway" . . . for however long! Nice, eh . . . ? Oh, yes!!! You get to go over to Goodreads and ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!

Want to see MORE books than just mine each week? Okay! Awesome!! Many of you who do not go to the Sponsor's blog on Saturday's are missing out and may not know you really should go there to do the following:
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I took advantage of Amazon's "Trade-In" program for my 2 KINDLES as Amazon runs these programs every so often, but not one as great as this one, so I HAD to take advantage of this and turn my Kindles in for credit so I can now purchase the Voyage w/3G! I WOULD HAVE BEEN CRAZY NOT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS ONE! I could NOT miss it, and my Kindles ARE starting to age, so I thought NOW would be the PERFECT time to do this.
HOWEVER, I NEVER gave it a thought as to how LONG I WOULD BE WAITING AND "NOT" HAVING A KINDLE TO READ ON! I thought I would HAVE my NEW Kindle by now! NOPE! NOTHING! Not even my credit to be able to BUY my NEW Kindle Voyage! During SEVERAL of my MANY Amazon phone calls, they have NO CLUE as to WHEN I will receive my credit for my "2" of Kindles, which were my Keyboard AND my Paperwhite!!! Grrrrrrrrr!!!! 
Another issue that is running through my mind is they (Amazon) is having a Kindle SALE RIGHT NOW! So WHY would Amazon give me a CREDIT NOW, RIGHT? THEY WOULD NOT!
Had I known Amazon would be having this HUGE SALE, I WOULD "NOT" HAVE TURNED MY KINDLES IN RIGHT NOW. Currently, Amazon seems to be "waiting" until they are done running this sale until they will be crediting our accounts! Again, Grrrrrrr! At least "I" would NOT want to credit accounts if "I" had a huge sale like that going on! So I don't see Amazon giving ANY credit to the people who took advantage of this last Trade-In program because it would be too good to be true, and so YOU know, I have ebooks that are ARC's, (Advanced Reader Copies) that are NEW and releasing the beginning of this current month and the month coming up (April) which I am NOT going to be able to post! This is REALLY ticking me off!
Whenever you have ARCS (ADVANCED READER COPIES) downloaded onto your computer, phone, ANY DEVICE, because I didn't get my Kindles replaced yet. I've never known Amazon to pull something like this, and HAD ALL the respect in the world for them, but now . . . I AM starting to LOSE it ALL.
AMAZON KNOWS HOW UPSET I AM! BELIEVE ME! THEY HEARD WHAT I THOUGHT OF THE PROGRAM AND THAT IT IS NOT FAIR TO DO THIS TO THEIR EXISTING KINDLE CUSTOMERS WHO BLOG ABOUT BOOKS! However, NONE of the people I spoke to caught onto what I was talking about NOR did they understand what an ARC is! I TRIED to get through to the US side because THEY were the ones who suggested I talked to OUR side, but I was in a relentless circle in the Philippines! Grrrrrrr!!!!!!! Amazon couldn't even get that right!

BLOGGERS - BEFORE YOU TURN YOUR KINDLES IN FOR WHATEVER REASON - KEEP IN MIND THE ARC's YOU HAVE BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO LOSE THEM - AND YOU ALSO DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO WAIT OVER A MONTH, OR IN MY CASE GETTING CLOSER TO TWO MONTHS FOR A "NEW" KINDLE! Consider what you have NOW and what you want later, and then make up your mind! I should have WAITED, but I didn't know there was going to be this HUGE SALE on Kindles, again! I guess we are all supposed to be Psychic! LOL! Well Bloggers, TRY! That's ALL I have!

In the meantime, for REVIEW PURPOSES, I am taking advantage of the time I have NOT been able to read ARC's that are PRINT BOOKS and I will be reading ONLY THOSE PRINT books I have received for review! Perfect timing! Ta,da! This IS working the BEST after all! At least for some books! EVERY book I have picked up so far it
So far, I have read a print copy from Story Plant, Perfectly Broken by Robert Burke Warren and now I'm on to the next one!
I am currently just starting this one down below from New American Library/Penguin Random House (and it's REALLY good!): 

The Hole in the Middle by Kate Hilton, a debut author who made this book turn into an  International Bestseller! MANY of you may be much more familiar with the FOLLOWING COVER:

It looks like the publisher is going with the above cover. This cover right above looks as if this it is the initial cover when it was released in 2013. It looks as if this book was picked up as an Indie Author? It had a different cover which had a donut on it (from his kids!). It was cute, but out of ALL the covers, the TOP COVER FITS THE BOOK THE BEST! You'll see why when you read it. When you sit down to read it, it is one HARD BOOK TO PUT DOWN! Enjoy!

Lies and Other Acts of Love by Kristy Woodson Harvey - releasing April 5th! I'm DYING to read this one because this author has also written the book, Dear Carolina. Ahhhh! Southern Fiction at it's BEST! This author transports you into the way they way live, and especially the way they talk, and she is TOP NOTCH at it! I LOVED Dear Carolina and it's holds one of those spots in my heart where the BEST books go! Try it out! A couple have difficulty trying to conceive, and find out what happens. Even if you don't have a problem with that in your life, your heart will be touched by this one!

Ruin Falls by Jenny Milchman  I met and fell in LOVE with this author, Jenny Milchman, and her writing SO much, it really was quite a while ago back when she released an Anthology out called Lunch Reads in 2011! It has two short stories in it, and again, I loved hers! (The second story I never read, but it is in this book and is by a different author. I guess you could say I was only focusing on Jenny's writing.) Don't discount this little novella! It's only #99cents and well worth two stories! Jenny and I became online friends after that and she had asked me to review Cover of Snow back in 2012 as that book was due to release in January 2013, and you can read that review HERE! Now I've been DYING to squeeze this book in, but it seemed as if EVERYTHING got in the way of EVERY attempt to reviewing it. NOT THIS WEEK! This week IS dedicated to getting this book reviewed NO MATTER WHAT!
Jenny, if you get to read this, PLEASE accept my sincere apology for my NOT getting this review done by NOW! It seemed like every time I would even ATTEMPT to go for it, another book popped up with a release date that week or within a few days, and I got stuck not being able to squeeze it in. So here we are, quite a while AFTER the release of her NEWEST book, As Night Falls, released in June 2015, (which also sounds like another EXCELLENT Thriller AND THAT ONE IS ON MY "TBR LIST"!!!) I will finally be doing and COMPLETING this one! I do just feel AWFUL but I WILL STILL be reviewing it THIS WEEK NO MATER WHAT! Not that this makes it any better, but we do know ALL authors love reviews at ANY time! I have JUST as MUCH excitement as I originally had! This author does not have to worry about that! NEITHER of the two books below will be be TOUCHED, they are going on my TBR list until I finally get to read Ruin Falls! I can't WAIT!!! Jenny's writing is PRISTINE! I learned that with her first two books! Yep! One of my next books will be to save for, get and review is As Night Falls! PLUS, since I live in Michigan, we STILL get snowstorms here as LATE AS APRIL! It has even snowed one of those awful slippery, major accident prone snowfalls AND ICE in MAY!!! So I need to get that book NOW while I'm STILL in the season!!!

The Glassblower by Petra Durst Benning (I LOVE this type of historical fiction and this book has been STARING AT ME!)

The Hypnotist #3 in the Reincarnationist Series by MJ Rose
I LOVE ANY type of books like this series by MJ Rose! OR, ANY type of series of books like these! The current time with Medieval Times! Where past and the present collide, and lotions and potions are a real thing in these books! Love it!  I just completely get lost! I almost have this entire series! My FAVORITE out of this entire series so far has been The Book of Lost Fragrances! 

Have a WONDERFUL week of reading! Also, may you read whatever you WANT to read . . . easily and uncomplicated! LOL! 


  1. It stinks that you experiencing trouble with your trade-in. I would be lost without my tablet or phone. I should look into trading in my kindles since I never use them now. Happy reading!

    Bambi's StS

    1. Hi Bambi!
      Thanks for stopping by! Before you trade in your Kindles, make sure you can use the trade in credit they give you for another electronic device because I 'think' they only give you credit if you go to purchase ANOTHER Kindle, so please check that! I don't want to see you get stuck with a credit, no device and not wanting a NEW Kindle. THAT would stink!
      Good luck! Let us know!
      Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Oh this isn't good... But you know what IS good? That you're reading Lies and Other Acts of Love soon!!! I can't wait to see what you think!! xo Kristy

    1. Hi Beth and Kristy!!
      I LOST the ARC!!! But that's okay because TODAY the FINISHED BEAUTIFUL COPY CAME IN THE MAIL!!! It's GORGEOUS!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
      Yes, we have the living room torn apart trying to ONLY get a new desk in, and if you can imagine the books! LOL! LOVE them! Nah, they are not that bad, I just misplaced the ARC here, but it was perfect, coming today! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!

  3. Sorry to hear about your troubles getting your credit for your new Kindle. That sucks. I love my Kindle Keyboard so I'm not going to trade that in soon. It's still going great. Hope you get your Kindle soon. Happy Reading!!
    Deanna's Stacking the Shelves

    1. Hi Deanna!
      Thanks for coming by! I just wanted to let you know I FINALLY got my credit on the 14th and the 15th! YEAH!!! As we speak, I have my NEW Kindle in my HANDS NOW!!! Yeah!!! Finally! ALL of that stress and here it is! I guess I need to quit worrying SO MUCH and just let things play out as they will in the time it's supposed to take! What it did for me was allow me to get a few PRINT books read!! YEAH!!! They DID need to be read! I was glad I got to do it, and now I have another!!!! :) I'm DYING to read it! It's up above, LIes and Other Acts of Love by Kristy Woodson Harvey!!! That's it!! Then, Ruin Falls by Jenny Milchman! Then it's a reading marathon on the Kindle! I stopped by your blog! WOW!!! You got BOOKS GALORE!!! WOW!!! I have to go over to your friend's yet!
      KEEP your Keyboard! It's the ONLY Kindle that READS OUT LOUD TO YOU!!! It's also the ONLY Kindle that accepts, too! Just an FYI for you! NO other Kindle has that capability! You are lucky in keeping it! Anyone CAN buy a refurbished one, if you want those capabilities.
      GREAT to meet you!
      Thank again for stopping by!


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