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Our seventh Buzz Books edition evokes all the excitement of Winter Institute with substantial pre-publication excerpts from 40 adult titles. At the end of most excerpts, you will find a link to the full galley on NetGalley! Young adult excerpts from spring/summer titles can be found in a separate volume.

Enjoy access to the newest voices the publishing industry is broadcasting for the upcoming season as you discover breakout books from established authors, sparkling debuts from soon-to-become literary stars, and fascinating memoirs and inspirational nonfiction.

Familiar names include Louise Erdrich, Chris Cleave, Tracy Chevalier, Joe Hill, and Emma Straub, along with L.S. Hilton’s Maestra, already stirring buzz from Hollywood to London and back again as one of the year’s big new thriller discoveries.

Major debuts by Michener Center Fellow Flynn Berry, Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney, Danny Johnson, Paul Krueger, Joe Okonkwo, Phaedra Patrick, and H.P. Wood are among our dozen new authors.

Rounding out this generous sampler are books from well-known nonfiction writers, including Nathaniel Philbrick’s Valiant Ambition, and Chuck Klosterman’s But What If We’re Wrong?—as well as books that will have people talking, such as Lindy West’s Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman and Vishen Lakhiani’s The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.

As always, there’s also a great preview from Publishers Lunch of more than 100 additional, noteworthy spring/summer books to have on your radar!

Start reading books right now that are sure to show up on bestseller lists, win awards, and be chosen by booksellers as top picks. Then invite your reading friends and book groups to download their own free copy of the ebook from any major ebookstore or at

AT NETGALLEY: And for the best in children’s literature, be sure to look for Buzz Books 2016: Young Adult Spring/Summer:
5+++ STARS!!!
I LOVE THESE BOOKS! I wait for these books to come out! I mark my calendar for the "it's about time" for this book to come out, and I wait! Every time these books come out, I am in HEAVEN and LOST inside of this ebook for DAYS . . . until I have read it straight through! 
I should have written this review a little sooner, but I was SO INTO this Adult book I got, (that is what my blog is - adult fiction) well, that's what I've been doing! You'll also NOTICE that the very LAST LINE OF THE DESCRIPTION OF AT LEAST THE ADULT FICTION BOOK, THEY "DO" MAKE MENTION THAT THERE "IS A YOUNG ADULT VERSION OF THIS VERY BOOK AVAILABLE, TOO!"
I've been reading and writing reviews as I go along of the AMAZING books that are inside of this one! I cannot recommend ANY book MORE so than this book, especially if you are a book blogger, so that way you KNOW what is coming out and when! You can share these with your followers, and post the book's reviews on your blogs and the other places you post your reviews at, as long as the publisher is okay with that as well as the retailer! Make SURE to post your review at a retailer such as Amazon, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS POST AT Goodreads! Goodreads is like the BIBLE OF BOOKS!!! Wherever that book came from, make SURE you fill out the Feedback at NetGalley and tell them what you thought about the book!
For those of you who are not bloggers, some publisher request us book bloggers to NOT post our reviews about certain books until a certain time, just in case you were wondering! NOW "YOU" can request this book just like we can! This way YOU get to read the first one or few beginning chapters of the books inside of this book just like we do now! YOU will be JUST as IN THE KNOW as we are! You will also be able to make decisions to pre-order these books ahead of time if you would like too, too, just like we get to! You'll know when you are sitting on the fence and can't make that decision whether or not you want to order that book, you'll have those chapters to read and be able to make that final decision!
These books are TRULY a GEM!
I want to take this time to thank the publishers for giving us this wonderful opportunity for a sneak preview into these GLORIOUS BOOKS so we can prepare to share them with our blog followers! Thank you, from the bottom of our HEARTS! Our blog followers really RELY on our ability to show them this book, and to make mention of some of the books based upon the Description that goes along with this book as to some of the books that are available for THEM to get to read some of the very first chapters of some of these books! I'm CERTAIN that some of my of my followers ALSO GRAB THIS FREE BOOK (thank you SO MUCH for giving this book out for free! This means the world to me AND my followers!) FOR THEM, TOO, AND THEY RUN TO THEIR FAVORITE READING CORNER AND JUST GET LOST WITH THIS BOOK JUST LIKE I DO!!! (This book IS STILL AVAILABLE at the following link on the second line down!)  
Yes, I did receive this ebook for free at this LINK: in exchange for an honest review of what I thought about this wonderful book!  
HERE ARE THE FREE AMAZON LINKS FOR THESE BOOKS! In order to get the entire book downloaded for free, you MUST have a NetGalley account, otherwise, you can download this and read the chapters they give you!
OR . . . 

Again, here is the FREE AMAZON LINK FOR THIS BOOK! In order to get the entire book downloaded for free, you MUST have a NetGalley account, otherwise, you can download this and read the chapters they give you! 

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