Saturday, March 5, 2016

#Books #FICTION - #SocialMedia - Is it running your life? It is mine and I need to STOP it!

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When I first started blogging, these MANY Social Media sites did not exist! We had our blogs, GFC (Google Friend Connect) from who Google which were comment replies on our blogs. Google NO LONGER has that product available now, but it does still send out what we post to our "current subscribers" but we cannot add new subscribers. The product is OVER. This is where Bloglovin' comes in! Bloglovin is SO MUCH BETTER! I LOVE Bloglovin! Facebook and Google+ were there for us, and THEY have been the "Founding Father's" of Social Media, so we've always had them to DEPEND on! 
I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden, BOOM! We now have 100's of social media places today (okay, I know I am WAY over-stating the truth of the NUMBER of social media sites we have now, but they seem to be EVERYWHERE AND CONSTANTLY MULTIPLYING!!!) it's true! Look at it NOW! There is Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Yahoo, and MORE!!! PLUS, you can leave comments on articles in magazines, newspapers, and more using their comment forms or wherever you are you can use THEIR snacks kind of out of the machines to eat! 
I need to state, I cannot ADD one MORE Social Media place on my "TO DO" list! I cannot! I don't know HOW I can possibly do it??? Another thing is I don't think I NEED to do it NOR do I feel I HAVE to do it! Linked-In was trying and IS now successful, but come on! I MUST draw the line somewhere! I draw it there. I cannot work, and isn't Linked-In more for people looking for jobs and networking? I believe it is, so it isn't anything that I would DIE if I didn't use. Check! Cross that one off my list! 
(Now I see "Pocket" is trying to make an introduction! Wow!) LIMITS! REMEMBER! LIMITS!!
This is what we are going to have to start doing because we DO NEED SOME downtime! Or, like myself, REST IS what I need for this illness. Rest/sleep is the ONLY thing that helps tame these muscle spasms I get, so I HAVE to get my rest some time during each day and I am STILL not good at knowing when my body needs the rest/sleep! LOL! I HAVE to laugh at that because you would think I SHOULD be a PRO after having Stiff Person Syndrome after ALL these years I have had it! Let's see. This disease took me OUT of the population really HARD 12 years ago now, and the DAY (yes! I remember the DAY AND DATE this REALLY took me OUT completely!) The muscle spasms VIOLENTLY threw me into bed! 
We cannot have EVERYONE going out of life like this, but with ALL and MORE social media sites growing daily, we ARE going to burn ourselves out. We ARE at that time where we NEED to make the decisions of which sites
Social Media is getting to be too, too much as we jump around to ALL of them now "trying" to keep up! We can't. We are only human and THIS IS A COMPUTER!!! The computer has NO LIMITS! WE DO! PLEASE REMEMBER THAT!!! If you start to feel overwhelmed, take a break! 
I had a printer die on me, the one attached to this computer. I found one online at Best Buy and my hubby went to go pick it up, and now that I FINALLY got it installed, (ALL thanks go to The Geek Squad for that! I TRULY could NOT compute without The Geek Squad! I mean it from the bottom of my heart!) They help me when my computer goes haywire, when it decides to update, but NOT in a good way, and ANY other even LITTLE things! Now I'm ready and I sent in my Kindle KEYBOARD! Yes! I STILL had that one! I also sent in my Paperwhite, and when I get the credits they are giving us for those, I am going to grab the Kindle Voyage WiFi w/ 3G! I LOVE that combo! I could be anywhere and buy a book! This does put me behind reviewing my ebooks, but I have print books I need to catch up on which is giving me a GREAT chance at it!
You have a GREAT week ahead! I wish you the BEST READING, AND BUMPING INTO THE BEST BOOKS! I LOVE accidentally finding AMAZING books! I hope it happens to you this week!
Have an amazing week!
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