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Welcome everyone! Hope you have been reading some AMAZING books! I have found a few to get lost in, and you know that is why I do this! To escape the 'yuckies' of life and enjoy living in a make-believe world! LOL! It's true!

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Keep your eyes open, though! You never know what might sneak up or what I might forget! That happens! The rest of this post talks about what more it will be like, and ebooks.

Is changing! I'm not complaining when I say this, but I have been writing this column every Sunday of about these bestsellers and where they made it on the charts based the New York Times sales charts for about two to three years now. It's been a LOT of fun, but it also takes a LOT of time! Some days if I am feeling pretty good, I could type it out in 3 HOURS! Yes! Most of the time, I can't do it that fast and it takes FOREVER! I can' tell you how MANY times it has taken me ALL DAY when I needed a nap and was just fighting muscle spasms. Those were tough days! This not only affected me, but my family, too. I would be SO tired by the time I got done, that I wasn't good for much. I could have EASILY spent the ENTIRE day on the computer trying to type! My hands would go numb, among other issues.
So . . . I have made the decision I am no longer going to write the #NYT's book column any longer. Phew! I said it! I'm DONE! Besides, they are writing their own article now. I'll post their link when I come upon it
I'm sorry to those of you who really enjoyed it! It was a LOT of FUN to see what books made it where on the list, and the books I had never heard of - there they were! the pricing in comparison of the ebooks which STILL to THIS DAY OUTRAGES ME!!!!

In my opinion, they have always been my preferred choice of reading, however, I still have issues with their costs! Publishers! NO EBOOK is worth "$14.99", costing MORE than the print price! NONE! I can't BELIEVE I even SEE ebooks going for this price!! Was or is it worth it for those people who did pay it, I wonder? I would say, 'NO WAY', but I am putting words in their mouths at this point! Maybe it IS for some people. The publisher's have tried to put out the reasons "why" the ebook costs so much MORE than the printed version, but that was a ONE-TIME FEE FOR SET-UP, yet the problem continues that the price NEVER DROPS AFTER THAT! THAT IS THE PROBLEM AND IT CONTINUES BEING OVER-PRICED! The ebook price should be going DOWN THE OTHER WAY! LOWER!!! HOW do they get away with that kind of pricing? They don't. The ebooks don't sell, either. There is NO WAY they can try to pull the wool over our eyes on that one! TRY as they might! That was about the time this article kind of pushed me over the edge to write about it. Another thing, are they saying there are 'better' author's out there, worth more money as compared to another? Well, sure! For them! So does that make US HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM? NO!!! That is when you find yourself asking WHAT?, WHO?, HOW?, AND FOR WHAT PRICE??????? AND WHY? NOPE! PASS!
I believe they have finally figured out how to sell Women's Fiction, Chick-Lit, Literature, and other ebooks in that subject! (I think!) THEY DROPPED THE PRICE!!! So far, I believe that IS WORKING!! That $14.99 was NOT WORKING, was it?!! NO WAIT, I have seen the publishers drop the prices of the ebooks down, below or at the $10 mark, and guess what? EBOOKS SELL, FINALLY, AT OR BELOW THE $10 PRICE-POINT! WOW! I've seen some EINSTEIN MOMENTS! 
Speaking of the 'word' yuckies, you know every year colleges, universities, (I wonder what the difference between those two 'words' are? I'll be right back! I am going to go look it up! LOL!!! There really is NO difference between the two words! Go do a search on and see! I think it's hilarious when one or the other of them use it to 'think' it makes them sound better than another person! What a waste time out of my life!)

Banned Words from colleges ad Universities - here is the link: 
Isn't it ENOUGH we have banned BOOKS, let alone banned WORDS, TOO??? WOW!!!
My thoughts about those two words are: THESE ARE RIDICULOUS!!! WOW!!! It's fighting like college football! This is a pretty HOT topic! Pretty much, more or less, they ALL want whatever sounds the BEST! Now you have to take into effect I am a border resident, or across the St Clair River! We get a lot of Canadians coming here to shop, always have. Also living on the American side, too, I do have family who live in Canada, too, just a few of them, the older ones were because they ran from the draft back in 1960 what? Seriously, they did!!! That IS why they live in Canada!! They were hippies and did not believe in the draft, at least that was the story my mother gave me DECADES ago and still when she was alive. She also told me they lived in a commune in this large farmhouse (we went there one summer, and the kitchen floor was wood and dirt mixed together! It was a REAL farmhouse floor!
I have a cousin who is the same age as I am, or maybe a year younger? It doesn't really matter anymore, either, especially at our ages now anyway. Plus, she won't keep in touch with me as it is, so I could really care LESS now. There! I said it! LOL! Just kidding when I say that, but I'm NOT kidding about the part where she won't keep in touch! There is NOTHING that IRKS ME MORE than to have family that IGNORES each other! I should be used to it with mine! Ha! Although, then again what does THAT SAY about me?! LOL!!! Nothing but the fact I would LOVE to stay in contact! Family IS all that we have after all! Why doesn't everyone get it??? It really DOES irk me for those IN my family who do NOT keep in touch. Oh! My FAVORITES are the ones who are ALL so lovey-dovey when they see you at the funerals! LOL!!! They PROMISE to keep in touch with you, you can't live without them, (but they did just fine prior to it!) then a few days later you notice the paper with ALL your info you wrote out for them at "THEIR" request to contact you, sitting on a kitchen counter in your parents (if we are lucky enough to have them left!) kitchen a day or two later! LOL!!! These were the relatives you can really do without! We can just HOPE each day, and as each day comes and goes that there is NOT another funeral coming soon because you could NOT be responsible for what might come out of your mouth right about then! LOL! Pathetic, huh! (Yes, I'm that person who will let it slip! Ooops! Not! LOL!)
"I" can give you what "I" think now about getting side-tracked from those two words I was going to talk about!! I think this is a little funny, too! (I am also laughing as I write this!) In Canada, everyone always asks, "University?" You also see that on TV, too! Or, the statement, 'University? Which one?'
In the US, we'll ask, 'Hey! What 'college' did you end up choosing?' Or, you'll be out walking the dog, and the neighbors catch you with nothing but good intentions! They are curious! Seriously, they ARE curious.
Do you think it's regional? I know the UK says 'University' just like Canada! I don't know? Oh, you'll have to let us know in the Comments section! I say THOSE TWO WORDS NEED TO BE BANNED! FOR THE FIGHT VALUE THEY PUT INTO PEOPLE!

THE FUTURE! What am I going to write into the future here for Sundays?
BLOG UPDATES!!!!! FOR SURE!!!! I will let you know what's coming at my blog, if you have something going on at YOUR blog, maybe we'll have to set up a Linky to link-up to! Oh, that sounds like fun!!!! I'M UP FOR THAT!!! HOW ABOUT YOU???
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The name of this post is NEW, too! Look up above! I'll leave these widgets up here through the week IN THE LEFT SIDE COLUMN so you can click on them to remember what's going on!                  

The "Fiction" photo will remain the SAME! It applies to the books I read and review!

I AM going to keep using this LONG post this week! Especially for Updates! If there is anything YOU want to see HERE, please let me know in the comments section below!                                                                  

Thanks for reading this LONG post!

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