Saturday, January 30, 2016


Welcome! It's been another week of GREAT books and GREAT reading! I hope the same is true for you, too! This week starts the FIRST WEEK OF FEBRUARY! Wow! February already! This year is FLYING BY already! So the 1st starts Monday! Wow!!!!
This THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4th, STARTS the Romance in the Air Giveaway Hop at midnight! A Blog Hop from blog to blog entering all of their Giveaways! This Hop goes from 2-4 to 2-14! Make SURE to come by, then HOP to ALL of the other blogs, too!!! I usually always win at least 'one' book or ebook, so try it out! It's FUN!
So this is the old post where I USED TO post for the NYTimes Top 15 (20) Bestsellers for every past week, but even the NYTimes and so many other sites have that SAME post, it was getting very difficult for me to get this done on time and published before that 9:00pm time frame! My one hand shakes (I learned this week it has to do with my neurological muscle disease - YEAH!!! I say that because now I KNOW what causes it!!! I did not know for SOOOOO long! I kind of thought that had something to do with it, but I was not sure. I was right!) Now I want to use this post to educate you about the things that are going on here at my blog, at other blogs, links about books! Also, Reviews if they are out of this world, reviews of my own I post every week, Giveaways HERE and at other places, and more! Which reminds me, I was supposed to have a link for you FOR the NYT article showing you what they put out now, but with how busy this week was for me, I just didn't have the time. I am SO sorry. I didn't have ONE OUNCE of energy left to find it. I WILL have it next week! PROMISE!!!
YOU are also able to SHARE THIS these same things from YOUR blog, too! WHY SHARE??? Is it so I can get NEW readers to my blog? ABSOLUTELY "NOT"! (However, if you "would" like to follow my blog, there is Bloglovin (my preferred way for people to follow, and the way most ALL blogs have people follow them with ) and GFC which is Google Friend Connect! The reason I want you to share this article it's kind of like a weekly wrap-up, tells you what's coming this week, and MORE! YOU ALSO GET TO LIST YOUR THINGS GOING ON IN THE COMMENTS! I SURE HOPE YOU DO!!!
What I don't have today and WISHED I did is the different days NEW RELEASES come out, and what books the publishers are allowing me ONE copy of to give away!
This past week has been SO busy. I've been at ALLLLLLL of my doctors, and that has wiped me out! Riding in the car is painful, so the car killed me, too! I just felt outright sick, which I HATE! I am starting to feel better, BUT, I did sleep most of the day away AGAIN!! I HATE when that happens! It all has to do with the neuro disease. That thing has list(s) of issues, unfortunately, of things it causes to go wrong, but it is ONLY TO ME, NOT TO YOU! That's GREAT, huh!
Oh!!! My computer had OVER 600+ VIRUSES THIS WEEK!!! We don't know HOW it happened because I have ALL the coverage I could possibly need, but I did accidentally turn if off a few times without knowing it, and when I noticed, I turned it back on. I remember that. Grrrrrr! I'll tell you more about that next week.
I want to let you know there are 2 Giveaways that are ending TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!!! Enter them NOW!!! That is if you have not YET entered them! They are listed in the LEFT SIDE COLUMN! I list ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the Giveaways there! ALWAYS CHECK THAT COLUMN! You never know what you'll find there!
Well, I want to get this out to you tonight! Remember, EVERY DAY will be different this week, especially for Giveaways, so check back!
You have a WONDERFUL week of reading, of ANYTHING you do!! See you next week!

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