Saturday, January 30, 2016


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Welcome! It's been another GREAT week of reading and books! Time to share with everyone what I received, and show the books off! I got these in print and ebook from the publishers, well, everything is marked!
This one, Kingdom Come, deserves mention again! I loved this one, so I'll have my review here shortly. This released the beginning of January, but I was still stuck in holiday mode, which was VERY unusual for me, setting me back a bit. Looks are deceiving! I didn't think much of the looks of this book, but WOW! What a PUNCH! A young teen girl is found dead inside an Amish farm, and it's left to a female detective and the entire town of Paradise for her to solve it in. Hmmm. (EXCELLENT!) And this book is . . .

Kingdom Come by Jane Jensen - an murder victim found on an Amish farm. VERY interesting! EXCELLENT writing!!

Cats in Paris, A Magical Coloring book by Won Son Jang - Look in the LEFT SIDE COLUMN! Already reviewed! Already up for a Giveaway! Go enter until 3-8!

ONE MORE!!! BY R J PARKER! It's in my email box, I lost it in there, but I'll have it out next week!! (I have to DIG for it.) Thanks, RJ! RJ Parker is a true crime writer, so I'll have it dug out for next week!

And ZERO books I bought for myself! I see a trend here. One week I get a TON of books, the next week, it's slim picking like this week! That's okay, though, because NO ONE can read THAT much!
Enjoy "BOOKS", everyone! In EVERY shape, style, way, and appearance! They just might surprise you!
Enjoy the GIFT OF READING!!!
I certainly am!!!


  1. Great haul! I've heard good things about this one.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. This book, Kingdom Come, is definitely not what we're used to for an Amish book, which is GREAT! We need a different type, IMO. Those of you who read books about the Amish will be surprised how different this book is! The cats, are cats to color! Everyone will like at least ONE page to color!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Wow that's some amazing books you got this week! I hope you enjoy them all. Happy reading and coloring :)

    Sofia @ SofiaLovesReading

    1. Hi Sofia!
      Notice - I am giving the Cats Coloring book AWAY!!! Yes!!! Click on the photo of the book on the LEFT SIDE! Yep! It's a Giveaway! I'm allergic to cats, so I can't have them in the house! LOL! Just kidding! I just have been given a several coloring books and I AM having FUN coloring them, but I have so many now I'll never make it to the cats, so I can't waste it!! Here is YOUR chance to win it!!! Thanks for leaving the comment! Hope to see you back again!

  3. Kingdom Come sounds interesting. So is the detective Amish too? Have a good reading week.


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