Saturday, September 12, 2015

#Stacking the #Shelves! 9-11-15! Come see what books I got this week! #Blog Updates and INFO!! #4

Hello! This week I am going to include three books I REALLY want to read! I've been DYING to read them!! One I bought and the other is from an author friend, +Jenny Milchman ! (Jenny, I apologize for misplacing your book! I found it on the bottom of my hanging files drawer! It must have slid under the files, so I never saw it. I can tell you I had been driving myself CRAZY looking for this book!!! Wow!) Her book is below, and next, and is called "Ruin Falls" and is a mystery!

There was a second book I could not find, and it was right in front of my FACE! LOL! I've been getting ready to switch out to a NEW desk (Yes!!!) This is how I really happened to find these two!! The other two books (are coming!) I bought, I got hooked on them one day while at Target! (I LOVE going to Target whenever anyone I know wants to go! My husband or the kids! Usually the kids want to go to the mall around Christmas time, so I ALWAYS sneak off on the malls 1 of 2 scooters!
Can you believe our mall ONLY has 2 scooters for ALL the people who come?!?! Drives me a little nervous because I no longer have a power wheelchair that works, so we have to work on getting one THIS YEAR before the end of the year! (Co-pay!!) There are those times I need it IN the house. My old one, when we got the new batteries for it, just wold NOT WORK anymore??? Go figure??? When we have gone to the mall, (this is SO pathetic - last time we went was 2 YEARS ago!!! BAD ME!!! LOL! Well, seriously, I don't like to go because of the worry of wondering if I will be able to get a scooter or not. I try to call ahead, but they REFUSE to hold it! First come, first serve, which does NOT seem right.) If only they knew that handicap people don't come shopping to their stores because they are too worried they won't be able to get around, maybe they would sell more, our shopping would be local, and we would have peace of mind knowing we CAN get around! I KNOW Upper Management WOULD reconsider purchasing at LEAST 2 more scooters. I need to write some letters!
These next books are a little older, "The Weird Sisters" by Eleanor Brown

and then this one by Chevy Stevens, called "Still Missing", below, has been on the #Bestseller list again just recently, MANY times, again!! I will be reading Ruin Falls FIRST, then I will squeeze my other books I bought to read by the end of this year! PROMISE!!

*NEW* REVIEW BELOW! In this article every week, I am going to start including the #REVIEWS I did this week HERE instead of listing them in Saturday's +The New York Times post of the #Bestsellers I do. I think this will be the PERFECT PLACE since we are talking about books here, and showing off NEW books that are coming out! So, here goes! This week I reviewed, Summer at Hideaway Key by Barbara Davis!Click on the name of that book and it will take you to the review!

GIVEAWAYS! I want to remind you!!! Look in the LEFT SIDE COLUMN! There are 2 books there! One is call "All the Difference" by Leah Ferguson HERE! THAT IS A #GIVEAWAY!!! GO ENTER BEFORE SEPT 18th!!!
So here are the books I got this week for review from publishers! This is Book Two after Eeny Meeny! Remember that one?! I LOVED IT!!! You can find that review HERE!
(I may have a few more from the publishers' next week after they are verified!)

Pop Goes the Weasel, (A Helen Grace Thriller #2) by M J Arlidge!  My Blog Tour date and the release date are both the same! Tuesday, October 6th! I am asking the publisher now about a #GIVEAWAY!! I'll let you know!!!

I also found this one at NetGalley! Next thing I know is it came in the mail, too! Amazing!! It's called Rainy Day Sisters by Kate Hewitt! I LOVE this cover!!!

This will be a #GIVEAWAY!!! REVIEW DATE: 9-22/Form to fill out/Winner announced HERE in THIS POST on October 2nd, 2015!!!
"If I Knew You Were Going To Be This Beautiful, I Never Would Have Let You Go" by Judy Chicurel

That this week!
Thanks for stopping by!

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