Wednesday, September 2, 2015

#NEW #RELEASE! 9-2-15 #REVIEW "All the Difference", A Novel, by Leah Ferguson with #GIVEAWAY!

New Year’s Eve. A time for resolutions. A chance to make a change. And for thirty-year-old Molly Sullivan, a night that will transform her life forever…

All it takes is one word—yes or no—to decide Molly’s future. As the clock counts down to midnight and the ball slowly begins to drop, Molly’s picture-perfect boyfriend gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. She knows she should say yes, especially considering the baby-sized surprise she just discovered she’s carrying. But something in her heart is telling her to say no…

Now, Molly’s future can follow two very different paths: one where she stays with her baby’s father, despite her misgivings and his family’s unreasonable expectations, and one where she ventures out on her own as a single mother, embracing all the hardships that come with it.

And by the time the next New Year is rung in, Molly will know which choice was right—following her head or listening to her heart…

5 STARS!!!
Wow. What a book! It really gets you thinking!
It’s New Year’s Eve and thirty-year old Molly is getting ready to go out with her boyfriend, Scott. She literally “just” found out she’s pregnant that morning, she hasn’t told a soul yet, so no one knows except her toilet bowl at home and the one at work, and yet Scott proposes to her right after midnight. Wow!
We don’t hear an answer except for every other chapter and the way it is written. Every other chapter is written as if Molly answered with a YES or if she answered with a NO. This book and the way it is written is quite brilliant! It is extremely UNIQUE! We get to find out what happens if Molly answers YES or if she answers NO, and believe me, with EITHER answer, neither is easy.
This is a book that deserves to be read especially if you’ve never had children yet, had kids and are maybe thinking of having more, or if you are done and an ‘oops happens (God forbid!).  
Eventually this story does play out with Molly’s real answer, one you’ve really been reading all along but you just don’t know it yet! I’m NOT saying a word except that I’ve never really thought about ALL the repercussions either way, if you’re single, engaged or married. It’s quite eye opening!
I’ll promise you one thing - my lips are sealed!
I would like to thank the publisher, Berkley, for providing me with this book for review purposes!


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Somehow the publisher ended up sending me two copies of this book! I thought the BEST thing to do is to share the wealth!!! I read this book SO fast, frantically, in a mere matter of hours because I was SO into this book that I couldn't STOP reading it!! I LOVED it!!! 
I LOVE how when you are reading such a GREAT book makes you feel when you are practically inhaling the book! BOTH books are in beautiful condition and neither book looks like I even read it, not the pages nor the cover is even bent because I just sat here mesmerized while reading this book, I have decided I want to share BOTH COPIES of this book to TWO LUCKY WINNERS!!! 
(US ONLY due to postage costs, sorry.)
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You will need to use your cursor to move the form up and down. Seriously, some people just don't realize that this form moves up and down, and that's okay! (Right now the form is at the top and as high as it can go). Just in case you DO have any questions about this form, I am taking the time to explain how this works for you NOW! If you run your cursor over the grey bar on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE FORM right now, you'll notice the cursor turns into an ARROW! Scroll down and you'll also see how there are more questions below what you see now! It's easy-peasy! GOOD LUCK!!!

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