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The New York Times TOP 15 BEST SELLERS/FICTION combined Print and Ebook for the week ending March 10th, 2013

Welcome! Hope you ALL had a GREAT week! Here are the BEST OF THE BEST BOOKS for this previous week! This article is always published by NOON every Sunday!
We have a NEW photo I'm going to switch over to for this article! The photo from the above 'For Your Information' to the one below where there is a row of books below this where a person is holding a blank book open! What do you think? Do you like it better? I might even look for an even better one this week . . . let me know what you think in the COMMENTS BELOW! Thanks!
So how do YOU feel this morning? Rested? Or are you dragging this morning like I am? Did you forget to turn your clocks AHEAD 1 HOUR AGAIN? The time changed last night at 2:00am, just in case you forgot! Yes! It's ONE HOUR LATER today! So, if you slept in till noon, well, guess what? It's 1:00pm! SORRY! My computer was acting WHACKY! So I'll be sleeping in until noon today, well, 1:00pm! LOL! It took FOREVER to post this article tonight, and now into this morning! I hate when that happens! 
Shockwave and Java ALWAYS crash for me with Google Chrome, for some reason? How about you? 
Daylight Savings Time - WHY do we even have Daylight Savings Time? So for '4' months, we rolled the clocks BACKWARDS FOR '1' HOUR. It screwed my dog's life up the MOST! Now rolling ahead, it screws up MY life! LOL! I end up sleeping toooooo late in the mornings, and I just have the hardest time of all adjusting to this. Why, for 'one' hour? It's easy to GAIN an hour, kind of like gaining weight! Ha! LOL! It's easy to gain that hour back, kind of like gaining a few pounds! LOL! Then to get back to where I NEED to be - UGH! I'm sure it's that same way with you. I think a 3-4 hour jetlag is easier to get through rather than just 1 hour! LOL! I ALWAYS look forward to getting that extra hour because I go through a yearly ritual. Okay, call me weird, but this is what I do. I "save that hour", sometimes up to one week if I can, and do something special! Usually it's taking that hour to read what I've been dying to read! Okay, I DO do this every year, but not usually for a week like I was able to this year! However, this means I have to give it right back when we LOSE that darned hour! Geeze! Is it really worth it to 'roll the clocks back' for 1 hour for ONLY 4 MONTHS? NO! Why do we do it? That is the nagging question I have! It used to be that it helped people who worked a 9 to 5 job, but today does that really happen? Do people really work a 9 to 5 job anymore? No! What is the purpose? If anyone knows of a good reason WHY we do this, please let me know in the COMMENTS! I'd LOVE to know! So, sleepyheads, I understand you! I'm with you!
I have some more mentions about some authors and their books below this post, so don't miss it! So for now, on to see the BOOKS!!!!
Thanks for coming by!


1. Calculated in Death by J D Robb
Print Book: $16.45
Ebook:        $12.99


2. The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult
Print Book: $12.97
Ebook:        $12.59


3. Alex Cross, Run by James Patterson
Print Book: $15.41
Ebook:        $11.99

4. Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks
Print Book: $8.79
Ebook:        $5.62


5. Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn
Print Book: $13.75
Ebook:        $12.99


6. The Silver Linings Playbook [movie tie-in edition]: A Novel by Matthew Quick
Print Book: $9.00
Ebook:        $9.99


7. A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy
Print Book: $14.32
Ebook:        $12.99


8. Immortal Ever After: An Argeneau Novel by Lynsay Sands
Print Book: $7.99
Ebook:        $7.36


9. Life of Pi by Yann Martel
Print Book: $8.77
Ebook:        $8.33


10. Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy by E L James
Print Book: $8.77
Ebook:        $9.99


11. Wait For Me: Romantic Suspense by Elisabeth Naughton
Print Book: $11.99
Ebook:        $  2.99  (Indie Author!!)


12. Mirror Image by Sandra Brown
Print Book: $7.99
Ebook:        $1.99


13. Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines
Print Book: $8.47
Ebook:        $  .99cents! (Indie Author!!)


14. Rush (The Breathless Trilogy) by Maya Banks
Print Book: $9.33
Ebook:        $7.99


15. Fifty Shades Freed: Book Three of the Fifty Shades Trilogy by E L James
Print Book: $8.77
Ebook:        $9.99


About the books: Did you notice that '2' books are by Independent Authors who are self-published this week? YES!!! CONGRATULATIONS to @Abby Glines #13 for 'Fallen to Far', AND @Elisabeth Naughton #11 for 'Wait for Me'! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Of course! Why, YES! I DID buy their books! ALL the support we can give Indie Authors, the BETTER!! YEAH!!! These are 2 authors I have not YET heard of, so they are NEW to me! I can't WAIT to get the chance to read these! I'll let you know after I read them how AWESOME they MUST be to make this list! AMAZING, isn't it!!! Here's to self-publishing and FAME!!!!
Another thing I am VERY happy about!! For the first time in almost a YEAR, ONLY 2 books of the Shades of Grey are on the TOP 15 list, and towards the END of the list!! FINALLY!! It's about TIME they've moved on over and give OTHER Authors a chance to hit this list! You know me, I'm NOT crying over this! LOL! (Thanks for putting up with me and my complaining about these books! LOL!!Just kidding - NOT!)
Have you noticed the trend with those books, though? At Christmas they went back UP the list, then again around Valentine's Day. Yes, some books do follow holidays, too! Well, especially after they have been on the list for SOOOOO long!
I'm especially happy and proud that +Colleen Hoover is STILL on the list, a little further down at #28 with Hopeless, still! Congratulations, to her, as well! We LOVE you, Colleen!!! As a matter of fact, if you go to Amazon and pull up #13, @Abby Glines Fallen to Far, best selling author @Colleen Hoover says "Fallen to Far" now tops the list as at the top of her all-time favorite books!  @Abby Glines book! We ALL know how AMAZING @Colleen Hoover writes!!! With Slammed, Point of Retreat, and the breath taking book of the 'first kiss without even kissing!' book - "Hopeless"! If Colleen Hoover endorses this book, it's on MY TBR list! (Yes! I bought BOTH books that made the list this week about a week ago!) You can see see these books on this list by just clicking on the title OR on the photo of the book! (I bought Slammed and Point of Retreat for my nieces this year for Christmas!)
Gone Girl is STILL HIGH on this list at #5! It's a GREAT book! HUGE thanks, again, over and over to +Adam Burgess @Roofbeam Reader! He picked it up for me off of my Wish List via @Book Soulmates via their RAK list they post EVERY month! I have not added my name for the last several months because I've been SO busy posting wrap-up posts for the 11 Reading Challenges I'm in!  (I WILL be finishing it up shortly!! I've had so many Tour books and ARCS to read I just haven't been able to finish it ALL the way through yet. I WILL!! It is an AWESOME Psychological Thriller!)
OH!!! The Storyteller by +Jodi Picoult  - I WANT TO READ THAT BOOK SOOOOO BAD, too!!! There have been contests to WIN that book over @Goodreads! 
"WARNING!" PLEASE do me a favor? PLEASE do NOT read the reviews about The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult! I'm referring to one in particular! It's a 3-star review that is written and it really nit-picked, but, it has SPOILERS ALL THROUGH THE REVIEW!!! It told me some things I did NOT want to know about the book! She SHOULD have marked her review as containing SPOILERS, but she did NOT! 
This review is listed next to a 5-star review, a line in the center calling it 'As compared to' and her 3-star review is listed there. It lists the CONS about the book. It's running neck-in-neck with the TOP 5-star review. IF you read that review, it contains SO MANY SPOILERS!!! UGH! WHY WOULD ANYONE WRITE A REVIEW LISTING ALLLLLL THE SPOILERS????? I'm BAD! I HAD to comment. I said I was SUPER disappointed in that she RUINED A LOT OF THE BOOK FOR ME! I suggested to her that she ADD THE WORD *SPOILERS* TO ANY REVIEW WITH SPOILERS IN IT! These were NOT little spoilers, either! These were MAJOR spoilers that DID ruin parts of the book for me! I was TICKED! WHY do people do that? This sounds like an OUT OF THIS WORLD book, and she BLEW IT FOR ME! I was SO UPSET! I suggested to her NICELY that she ADD *SPOILER ALERT*, OR MAKE IT PLEURAL as she had SOOOO many spoilers in her review! MAJOR SPOILERS! If you want to read that book that book AS BADLY AS I DO - THE BOOK WILL BE RUINED FOR YOU! AGAIN, I just wanted to WARN YOU! DON'T READ THAT REVIEW!!!
Amazon now has it listed side by side another review, a 5-star review in comparison to that 3-star review. UGH! Remember, this spoiler review is the 3 star review. DON'T READ IT if you are going to read the book! It WILL ruin the BEST parts of the book!
As a matter of fact, I was talking to Publicist/Editor Lynn @ Red Adept Publishing, +Laura M Kolar (Laura, if you don't mind passing this article on to Lynn? I tried to get Red Adept Publishing to pop up, but it did not??? Thanks!) and she IS currently reading the book, and asked me NOT to tell her the SPOILERS! THAT IS HOW BAD THE REVIEW IS! UGH!!!! I THANKFULLY have now forgotten the spoilers!!! PHEW! Or at least MOST of them! It's almost as if she is having a Book Club discussion in her review.
I would like to point out 2 books I did tours for for Red Adept Publishing, and they have some AMAZING books over there they have published! I just did a Blog Tour/Review on the book they published called "Thought I Knew You" by Kate Moretti! Wow! Psychological Thriller! GREAT book! Also, they just sponsored a Blog Tour for a book called "Hang On" by Nell Gavin! Wow! This book chronicles a woman's journey with a mental illness that did not have a name until recently. Amazing book! 
f you would like to read the rest of the NYT Best Seller list, which takes us up to #35, here's the LINK: ENJOY!
I'll see you next week!

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