Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Spring Cleaning Giveaway Hop!" 3-22 to 3-25-13

Special thanks for sponsoring this Hop to Kathy at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer


This is a US ONLY Giveaway due to high postage costs.

I have a VARIETY of 5 books for you to choose from!
I will show a photo of each book and they will be listed on the form for you to fill out.
I've read almost all of these, with the exception of a few, such as The Infernals, which is just not my type of book.
Go ahead and have fun!
There will be




  1. Replies
    1. Hi Michelle!
      GREAT!!! I'm SOOOO glad you entered! I HOPE you win!!! Good luck!!!! I have MORE books, too! I WISH we could keep them ALL, but in reality, one day we WILL MOVE!!! I'll be paying a LOT of money to the movers just for books!!!! LOL!!!! With the neuro muscle disease I have, I will HAVE to have packers and movers in to do the job, so . . . I MUST give books away! EXCEPT my ALL TIME FAVORITES!! You know how it goes! Right now it's HILARIOUS!!! We cannot see the CLOCK on our bookcase! Toooo funny! My hubby keeps 'hinting' how he'd LIKE to SEE the clock! LOL!!!! ALL my shelves are FULL! I will be giving a LOT away from now through the summer! We won't be moving for quite a LONG while yet, but they quickly pile up! In about 90-100 days, I'll have had my blog for '3' YEARS!!!! I've never done a FULL overhaul of books! Some are sitting here that I LOVED, like Defending Jacob, but my husband and ALL my friends have read it, too! So, what a better way than to SHARE THE WEALTH!
      Right now I have SO many to MAIL!!! Yes, even from our contest we did - SO SORRY! I got hit with a Kidney/Bladder infection which wiped me OUT! For months! Now I'm OVER it and feeling good!!!! FINALLY!! Back to getting back on track! I wish I knew how to be MORE creative in displaying the books. Some people are SO creative when they show books, I SO WISH I COULD BE!!! I guess I need a good photo program or something? HOW do they do that?!
      SO GLAD to see you came by! SO GOOD to see you here! Thanks for coming by! Maybe YOU'LL be one of the winners! You never know!
      LOVE having you by!

  2. Laurie, good on you for doing a giveaway. Unfortunately I am on the other side of the world in New Zealand so can't participate. I would love to run some giveaways for special ocassions but can't work out what approach would be best for me. Cheers

    1. Hi Carole,
      You left a comment on my blog stating you would like to do giveaways on your blog, but being in New Zealand, it's difficult for you. Does your country allow you to give and receive ebooks? That is always a choice in MANY countries which you could use for a giveaway, OR, use The Book Depository! They have FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! (Double check your country to make sure.) Amazing with the Free Shipping, huh! Check into both! That is my suggestion for you!
      Good Luck!


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