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The New York Times TOP 15 Best Sellers for the week ending March 17th, 2013! And . . . HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!

Welcome to this week's Top 15 Best Sellers! Posted every Sunday by NOON or earlier!
I have one GREAT thing I'm happy about! The 50 Shades stuff is "OFF" THE LIST!!! YES!!!! Well, they ARE still on the list, but NOT on the Top 15 anymore! YES! You ALL KNOW how HAPPY I am about this! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!! Okay! I'll stop! LOL! I know! Sex sells!
Books #1, #2, and #13 are Independent Authors who have Self-Published their own books through Amazon! Wow! Not only are there 3 of them on the New York Times Top 15 Best Seller List, but the FIRST TWO are in the FIRST TWO POSITIONS! Yes! #1 AND #2! Pretty darn AMAZING!!! Give #13 another week, and it will move up higher, too!
CONGRATULATIONS to these authors! Congratulations to the Bloggers and the Readers who have written the reviews that helped get these authors to where they are! Thank you, ALL! Here's to Independent Authors!
This genre these books are in is the *new* 'New Adult' genre. This new genre has been recently created by the many Independent Authors who have self-published. It is generally for Readers ages 18 and up, made of characters who are now Adults, just out of High School, in college (sometimes), and up until they get married and/or have children; into their 20's. It IS a genre that helps fill in that gap/transition from High School to Adult. It was the Young Adult Genre to the Adult Genre in Fiction which had something that lacked there in the center, and left many Readers without books they could really get into, or relate to. This area 'in between' there left a void. Now we finally have something that fits that age group. New adults did not want to be reading Adult Fiction at that point, but they were over High School, so this fits perfectly! Actually, I admit I enjoy this genre myself. I surely can relate to it much more than Young Adult, (which I just do not relate to at all at my age anymore! LOL!) I like the 'coming of age' Young Adult books, such as the book "The Language of Flowers" by +Vanessa Diffenbaugh, and others like that, but that's it in that category. You won't find me reading Young Adult, but this New Adult, I'm IN!
So no doubt a publisher will be coming along and will gobble these books up FAST! My suggestion to you is YOU BETTER GRAB THEM NOW, while they are still available! Once the Publisher picks them up, they are generally NOT available for several months after, or so it seems, as they are printing 'their' logos on the books, etc. (As we already see with book #2, "Wait for You" by +J lynn). They generally ARE available still as an ebook, but that is not to say the price will not increase. Take Author +Colleen Hoover, she KEPT the rights to HER ebooks, and has kept the price point the same, too, but there is no telling as to whether or not any of these authors will follow suit or not because I've seen other authors sell the rights for their ebooks, too, and the prices have increased. I've only seen Colleen Hoover keep the rights to her ebooks, so far, but I could be wrong, too, as I am sure there are others, I just recall the nanes at this time. You are warned! Grab them while you can!
Self-Publishing gives you and I, ANYONE, the opportunity to put our stories out there without having to go through the traditional route with Publishers. This is an AMAZING opportunity! Look at these GREAT writers who would/could have been turned DOWN by the traditional publishers otherwise! So if YOU have a story YOU want to tell, GO FOR IT!
If you 'are' going to self-publish, a few words of advice from Book Blogger/Reviewer: please make SURE you have your book "professionally" edited! That does NOT mean your spouse, or a good friend, but PAY a real 'Editor'! There are so many 'could be' great books out there that die because they have not been edited properly, and you do NOT want that written in the reviews about your book.
For those of you who self-publish, I wish you THE BEST! Here's to Indie Authors and Self-Publishing those books!
So, let's get on with the books!

1. Reckless by S C Stephens - Independent Author/ Self-Published
Print Book: $9.45
Ebook:       $7.36


2. Wait for You by J Lynn - Independent Author/ Self-Published
Ebook ONLY $2.99


3. Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson, Book 7) by Patricia Briggs
Print Book: $14.48
Ebook:       $12.99


4. Alex Cross, Run by James Patterson
Print Book: $15.41
Ebook:       $11.41


5. Mirror Image by Sandra Brown (reprinted from from over a decade ago, 1990)
Print Book: $7.99
Ebook:       $4.74


6. The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult
Print Book: $15.97
Ebook:       $12.60


7. Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks
Print Book: $6.00
Ebook        $5.70


8. The Striker (An Isaac Bell Adventure) by Clive Cussler
Print Book: $15.98
Ebook:       $12.99


9. Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn
Print Book: $13.75
Ebook:       $12.99


10. A Week in Winter by Meave Binchy
Print Book: $14.32
Ebook:       $  9.99


11.The Chance: A Novel by Karen Kingsbury
Print Book: $12.35
Ebook:       $  9.68


12. Calculated in Death by J D Robb
Print Book: $15.84
Ebook:       $12.99


13. Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines - Indie Author who Self-Published
Print Book: $9.32
Ebook:       $  .99


14. The Silver Linings Playbook [movie tie-in edition]: A Novel by Matthew Quick
Print Book: $9.00
Ebook:       $9.99


15. Damascus Countdown by Joel C Rosenberg
Print Book: $15.62
Ebook:       $  9.45


What am I reading? Currently, I am finishing a book I had to put down as I had several books to read for some Blog Tours. So I picked back up . . . "A Cold and Lonely Place" by Sara J Henry! Goooood! I have others I plan on picking back up, too! Can't WAIT to get back to them!
Thanks for coming by again! Looking forward to seeing you through the week, and next Sunday, too! Leave a COMMENT! LOVE to get them! Tell us what YOU are reading!
Till then!

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