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The New York Times "FICTION" Top 15 Best Sellers for the week ending February 24th, 2013

Welcome!! To this week's edition of the BEST OF THE BEST! Did you see my recent post from The Huffington Post? Yes! THREE brick and mortar bookstores are taking Amazon and the Big 6 Publishing houses to COURT over the monopoly Amazon and these publishers have over ebooks AND THEIR PRICING!
In my opinion, it's only RIGHT!
The issue is this: Amazon has DRM protected files NOT allowing YOU to purchase an Android device and download the LIBRARY OF BOOKS YOU HAVE PURCHASED onto that NEW DEVICE! Many of you already know this, and it probably ticks you off that you paid GOOD MONEY to obtain these books, BUT CANNOT READ THEM UNLESS you have an Amazon Kindle OR APP. Ticks you off, huh! Darned right! It also ticks off these stores, and ALL brick and mortar stores. It's NOT fair, nor right.
The lawsuit will be just like the one that was for the I-tunes DRM protected files back in 09. Well, if you want to know ALL about it, Read it HERE!
Essentially, Amazon and these publishers ALL together, with the ebooks, are pretty much putting the brick and mortar bookstores OUT OF BUSINESS! The news reporter, Andrew Losowsky wrote an EXCELLENT ARTICLE ALL ABOUT IT! Please go read it, link to his page, and you can read the ENTIRE lawsuit in his article!
I REALLY HOPE this goes through! It's about time that Amazon does NOT have the monopoly on ebooks! I am hoping the DRM protection DOES get REVOKED! I don't see this lawsuit settling, but going in front of a Judge to make the final decision, which is the way it should be.
In my article, I suggested Amazon should have a set-up similar to Smashwords. Do you know about Go there and check it out! Independent Authors use it to publish their books, and you just might find some for FREE you like! You can USE ANY DEVICE TO PURCHASE FROM SMASHWORDS! Their files are NOT DRM protected! HA! At least I am HOPING it works out like this!
The same would end up going for Barnes and Noble, I'm sure. Their books are DRM protected as well. Then we won't have Kindle files, EPUB files, and more! I''m HOPING!
What do you think? Leave a comment!

Okay! Let's get to the books!


1. Safe Haven by +Nicholas Sparks 
Print Book: $10.19
Ebook:        $  5.98


 2. A Week in Winter by Muave Binchy
Print Book: $14.32
Ebook:        $12.99


3. Guilt: An Alex Delaware Novel by Jonathan Kellerman
Print Book: $18.48
Ebook:        $12.99


 4. Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn
Print Book: $13.75
Ebook:        $12.99


5. Wait For Me: Romantic Suspense by Elisabeth Naughton
Print Book: $11.99
Ebook:        $    .99


 6. Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy by +E L James 
Print Book: $8.77
Ebook:        $9.99


7. Rush (The Breathless Trilogy) by Maya Banks
Print Book: $8.98
Ebook:        $7.99


 8. Touch and Go by Lisa GardnerPrint Book: $14.44
Ebook:        $12.99


9. Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren 
Print Book: $8.98
Ebook:        $7.59


10. Private Berlin by James Patterson and Michael Sullivan
Print Book: $18.47
Ebook:        $10.99


11. Fifty Shades Freed: Book Three of the Fifty Shades Trilogy by +E L James 
Print Book: $8.77
Ebook:        $9.99

12. The Silver Linings Playbook [movie tie-in edition]: A Novel by Matthew Quick
Print Book: $10.20
Ebook:        $  9.99


13. Fifty Shades Darker: Book Two of the Fifty Shades Trilogy by +E L James
Print Book: $8.77
Ebook:        $9.99


14. If You Stay by Courtenay Cole
Print Book: Not available at this time/This may have been bought out by a publisher and be available at a later date?
Ebook: $3.99


15. The Power Trip by Jackie Collins
Print Book: $18.47
Ebook:        $13.49

INTRODUCING A "NEW RELEASE"! By one of my favorite authors, author of 3 previous books you may well know, allow me to introduce:

Traces of Kara (A Thriller) by +Melissa Foster 
Print Book: $11.98
Ebook:        $  4.99

You can catch my REVIEW of this book "HERE!"

There we have it! Our Top 15 Best Sellers for this previous week!
What are YOU reading? Leave it in the COMMENTS below! We'd ALL LOVE to know!
I'm currently reading "A Cold and Lonely Place" by Sara J Henry, just released on February 5th, 2013! Another GREAT Psychological Thriller that takes place in the Adirondack Mountains! I just finished "Cover of Snow" by +Jenny Milchman. You can catch my review of that book "HERE!"  and both take place there! It's Winter in the books, and Winter here! I'm SOOOO cold!!! Brrrr! GREAT books!

Don't forget!! Leave your comment telling us what YOU are reading!
Thanks for coming!

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