Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kindle FIRE 8.9" and also the 4G model! Check this info out! ONLY until Feb 8th till 11:59pmPST!

*SALE! SALE! SALE!* KINDLE FIRE 8.9" AND ALSO the 4G version, too!
See the link info below!

KINDLE FIRE 8.9" tablet ON SALE not $299 but $269! SAVE $30! OR the KINDLE FIRE 8.9" "4G" not $499 but ONLY $449! Wow! BUT, "ONLY" until Feb 8th, 11:59pmPST! You MUST USE these words AT CHECKOUT: "FIRELOVE". Click on this LINK to take you to Amazon!

One random day in December, Amazon had these SAME Fires on sale OUT OF THE BLUE, just like this! These SALES DO NOT COME VERY OFTEN AT ALL!
I had not been feeling well most of December, and had not done my Xmas shopping. I had planned on getting my husband the 8.9" FIRE, and WOW! I LUCKED OUT! I was lucky enough to get $50 off the Fire! It was on sale for $249! Woo-hoo! ANY savings on these is INCREDIBLE! GRAB YOURS TODAY!

Amazon Kindle PowerFast for Accelerated Charging (not included with device,  for use with the new Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD models) which IS NOT INCLUDED WITH THE PURCHASE OF THE FIRE! You NEED this to be able to charge your device! No! It's NOT INCLUDED with the purchase of the Fire! (Kind of ridiculous to me, IMO!) When you order your Fire, it will give you the option to ADD IT for 1/2 price. Instead of THIS $19.99 price, it will be offered for $9.99 in the right side column where it offers other product to go with your Fire.

Also, I HIGHLY SUGGEST ORDERING the 2-Year Protection Plan plus Accident Protection for Kindle Fire HD 8.9", US customers only
2-Year Protection Plan plus Accident Protection for Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G, US customers only depending upon which device you choose to purchase. This will ALSO be offered in the right side-column, as well. No. No additional savings here.

Why did I purchase this? I used mine on my Kindle TWICE! Yes, the first year once, and once in the 2nd year, too.

I had originally bought the Kindle Keyboard 3G, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display - includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers  - which I LOVE and use EVERY DAY to read on! At first, I purchased the WITHOUT Special Offers, and had photos of all the great authors.. What I was missing (and DID change after a call to Kindle Customer Service - were the Special Offers! YOU 'WANT' these! (At the time I ordered mine, this option was NOT available, but NOW IT IS!) GRAB IT!
May I suggest "TO" BUY THE 'SPECIAL OFFERS' MODEL! (That is the LINK up above in blue.) WHY? Not because it's cheaper, (but it IS!), but because you will receive ALL of the Special Offers! These offers ARE TRULY AMAZING! You can catch some GREAT deals! Best Sellers for $1.99 or $2.99, and other GREAT offers on books! Yes, there may be some cell phone offers, but, hey! The books well outnumber the Special Offers!

With 'this' Kindle version, the 3G, at ONLY $139 (I paid $199!), I can be in the car (as a passenger, of course!) and order a book! In the Summer, we spend a LOT of time at one of our favorite parks where it's about 15 degrees COOLER than it is here at my home! (The complex we live in does NOT have trees yet! It's brand new, so we have no protection from the wind, or ANY shade. It rather stinks! There is NOWHERE to sit without the sun beating down on you.) The park we go to is right on the river where it opens up to Lake Huron. It's VERY beautiful! We get the breeze off of Lake Huron, Michigan! Ahhhhh! It feels SOOOO good! I can buy a book and get it right THERE! OR, going to one of my MANY doctor appointments which are so FAR from home, I can BUY A BOOK IN the car or IN the Dr's office! It's AMAZING!!! I LOVE it!!! If the Dr comes into the room while I'm reading on it, they are always amazed at it and ask me a MILLION questions about it! LOL!

Anyway, my Keyboard cracked in 3 places in the FIRST YEAR! The reason? I have NO CLUE? They replaced it with NO PROBLEMS AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Then, right before Christmas, in the 2nd year, I turned the Kindle on, and the screen went all fuzzy. I actually watched it start a the top, and it worked it's way down to the bottom to where I could NOT read at all! I had to call Kindle Customer Service, talk to the Warranty Department, and THEY replaced it NO QUESTIONS ASKED! My coverage would have run out in March or April, which would now be only 1-2 months from  now, but this was WELL WORTH the price!

These devices can be VERY delicate, so make SURE to protect your investment! BUY A COVER FOR ANY KINDLE OR FIRE! It's REQUIRED to protect your investment! Sorry, I cannot provide a LINK to a cover because there are SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! For my Kindle, I bought PINK cover as "I" would be the one to use it! Keep your significant other in mind when purchasing your cover especially if the two of you will be using it. He does NOT want a PINK cover! LOL!!!

Good LUCK! GRAB the sale!

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