Monday, January 23, 2012

WE WON!!!  "YOU" WON!!!
Thank you!
Check out this article from! VICTORY!

Here's just a SMALL excerpt from's article! (Copied and pasted directly from their site.)

Everyone Underestimated the Web

But no one -- not supporters nor opponents -- anticipated the massive response by Internet users, and no one could predict the effect the blackout, led by, would have on lawmakers and the legislative process.
Everyone underestimated the Web, "which is sort of the beauty of it," said Maura Corbett, president of the Glen Echo Group and spokeswoman for NetCoalition, a tech trade group opposed to the bills.
"This was Outside the Beltway descending on Inside the Beltway, and we all just bore witness to it," she said. "People are fed up. Washington is broken, and now Washington wants to subject the Internet to it? The Internet said no."

Oh, this is SOOOO GOOD!!! 
I said I would inform you of ANY news, and this is it!
Again, THANK YOU to EVERYONE who wrote to their Congress People! It was YOU who did this! According to the article, (and may I add my opinion: SO many websites supported the Boycott, it really is NO WONDER to me! Thanks to ALL who did!) "WE" made a HUGE impact! If WE did not band together and stand up for ourselves, WE WOULD NOT HAVE HAD VICTORY! 
Ha, ha, Congress!  WE BEAT YOU!


  1. I'm sorry but you have it completely wrong.

    We won, yes that is true. What happened was the beauty of how the process is supposed to work. Enough people stood together and made congress see that we were against this bill, and congress listened.

    The goal was not to beat congress. The goal was to make congress act in the best interest of the people.

    To say that we beat congress is to say we beat ourselves.

  2. Mike- I'm going to agree with Laurie. Congress has not been a body of the people, by the people, for the people for many years. It is a congress of the money, by the money, and for the money. Unless you have the money, you are not part of congress and cannot beat yourself.

    And I'm not a granola-crunching hippie liberal. I'm just a realist.

  3. Good news. Maybe we need to tackle some other problems this way.

  4. Thanks Rick!
    YOU said it! It's the money, honey!
    I couldn't have said THAT any better!

  5. Hi Cozy in Texas!
    You know, the thought of tackling other issues over the internet is GREAT! It sure WOULD be nice if we COULD tackle them like this problem was tackled! You are right about that! I can think of quite a few issues! There are SO many organizations out there that 'do' try to fight things that are wrong, or should be changed, but without a ton of money backing them, it seems as if they always lose. From what I have seen, these issues DO boil down to money, just like Rick said above in his comment. This goes right down to farming - the food we end up eating.
    For instance, the HUGE battle against genetically modified foods and protecting organic foods. That is a HUGE issue and has been going on for years. Sometimes we win, those of us who belong to some of these organizations, and most of the time we lose, or so it seems. Congress gets it in their heads that they want to do something, and sometimes no matter how many letters we write, we receive letters back stating 'THEIR' reasoning FOR the issue at hand and they won't even CONSIDER "our" point of view. At least in THIS instance, the internet issue, I did NOT receive ONE letter back from my Congress people telling me how "I" am wrong! This is a FIRST! (SMILE!!)
    There are SO many issues out there that could be fought, and ARE being fought, but again, it ALL boils down to the dollar.
    I can think of MANY MORE issues if we could accomplish what we did with this, they could be addressed as well, with success. I wish it did NOT boil down to money, but it usually always does.
    With this issue, I'm sure there will be other people or organizations who will come along and will try to 'control' the Internet, and money will be the one to speak, again.
    These issues can become a double edged sword. I wish we could fight more issues, like you and NOT have money be the commanding force.


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