Friday, January 27, 2012

The Man in the Cinder Cloud, by Rick Daley

A CLASSIC!  I give this a "10" STAR book! Although I can only give it 5, bummer! It does deserve 10!
So, you think you know everything there is to know about Santa Claus? Guess again! You don't even know a sliver of the history behind Santa! Did you know Santa is part elf? Yes!
This is not 'just' a children's book, it is a book for adults, as well. It's a story within a story. This magical story captivates you as you read it. It pulls you right into the story. 
First allow me to tell you how we learn this story is all about Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, and all the other names he is known as today around the world, in all the different countries. Every year he comes, almost since the beginning of time itself.
This story starts off in the modern world, with Professor Hodgin working at the north pole with other scientists, drilling deep cylinders into the ice studying them for the effects of global warming. One time the professor decides to take his youngest son, Jason, along with him so he could see the type of work he is doing at the North Pole.
Just last year, Jason's older brother, Justin, had told him Santa was not real, but Jason refuses to believe him. As they were on their way to the North Pole, Jason did expect to see Christmas villages, lights, reindeer games, and more. Instead, all he saw was snow, cold, and stuffy old scientists who thought they were fooling him into believing they really had seen an occasional reindeer, and that they did see Santa one time. He knew one thing was true, it was COLD!
As Jason continued to get more bored as each day wore on, all of a sudden there was sudden commotion. The scientists had drilled into one of the deepest areas of ice, and inside that ice cylinder they found a book. They wanted that book and got it out. This book turned out to be thousands of years old. They all took turns reading the cover of the book, and the most incredible thing happened to anyone who spoke a different primary language. They were all able to read the book in the language they spoke. It was as if the book magically customized itself to each person reading it. Amazing! They could not believe their eyes! This was just the start of the magic of this book.
So the story starts, all about Santa, oh, wait, I mean Kris, Kris Kringle, when he was a mere babe, found swaddled in rags in the brush out in the open, abandoned and left to die. An elf, Kristina, went out for a walk with her infant son, and came upon this poor human baby left out in the elements. She could not leave him there to die, so she picked him up and nursed him to health. There is so much more to this story with the elves, too. This is where this book jumps to life.
Jason took over the book, and started to read it aloud, starting from the very beginning of the book, and all the way through. The story tells us how Santa came to be.
This story goes on to explain different Christmas traditions, how Kris decided to deliver gifts to children all over the world and more.
This story is quite magical! It is unlike ANY other Christmas story about Santa ever written. This magical story grabbed me from the very beginning and I could not stop reading it until the very end. I've actually read it twice, and reread other sections a third time! I just LOVE this book! You NEED a copy of this book in your library!
This book is SURELY to become a Christmas Classic over time! You HAVE to read this!
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book! You will want to read it every year, and the year after that, and after that, and after that, until it is memorized! No one is to old for this book!
You can find out more about this book at and, Rick Daley, the author, has a personal blog at
You can follow Rick on Twitter as  @rjdaley101071 
Facebook:  Friend Request "Cinder Clouds" 
You can also purchase this book at the link below through Amazon. Again, I HIGHLY suggest this book! It is one you will NEVER FORGET!


  1. Thanks for coming by, Marianne!
    Man in the Cinder Clouds by Rick Daley is SO good! SURE to become a classic!
    I hope you try it out!
    Worth reading at 'any' time of year!


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