Thursday, January 19, 2012

My site, "Laurie Here - Contemporary Fiction and MORE - Book Reviews" is "OPEN TODAY" AND FOR THE FUTURE UNLESS there are MORE of Congress' "Brainchild Schemes thought up!"
THANK YOU, to EVERYONE who stopped by my site yesterday and hopefully SIGNED THE PETITION at the link at the bottom of my Post!
If you did NOT get to sign the Petition, you STILL CAN!  Congress is voting on this on January 24th, so hurry up!!
Here is the LINK to my Post: At the BOTTOM of my Post, you will find another link that will take you to a site in which you can sign the Petition TO STOP SOPA and the little known PIPA!  which was born from the GREEDY mind of Congressman Republican Lamar Smith from Texas.

Take for instance, my State.  Michigan.  On our Income Tax form it USED TO BE when you purchased items on the internet, up to a certain amount of either $600-$800 was a small tax of about $10 at the MOST.  Anything over that was $12.  NOW, my state, Michigan wants us to SAVE EVERY RECEIPT WE HAVE FROM PURCHASING ON THE INTERNET AND THEN PAY "FULL TAX" ON THE AMOUNT OF MONEY WE SPENT - TAX FREE ON THE INTERNET.  So, NOW if we spend a total of $1,800 online, they want us to pay OUR FULL 6% SALES TAX OF $108.00!  What happened to the $12?  Did WE GET TO VOTE ON THAT?  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  These are the types of things that are going to happen IF THIS BILL PASSES!


  1. I wrote my congresswoman and signed the petition on another site.

  2. I signed the petition and wrote to my congressman as well..thank you for enlightening us on this matter...

  3. Sophia Rose,
    Thanks for coming by my blog! I am SO glad you wrote to your Congresswoman about SOPA!! YEAH!! Thank you SOOO much! The MORE people do this the MORE LIKELY it is the Government is going to 'second think' what they are trying to do!!! I read an article that said they, 'the government' or, shall I say "Big Brother wanna-be" may DELAY their vote!!! That is thanks to US!!! WOO-HOO!! Or, at least I hope they are not going to try and 'sneak' it in somewhere??? PLEASE keep your eyes open for this! I don't trust them for ANYTHING! What we did by shutting down for the day REALLY spoke out for US! So MANY OF US WROTE TO OUR CONGRESS PEOPLE IT HELPED!!! Not to mention Google's MAIN PAGE, and ALL of their search pages, or ANYTHING with their name on it was shut OUT IN BLACK!! Thanks to Wikipedia and ALL the websites that SHUT DOWN ON JANUARY 18th in PROTEST AGAINST SOPA WORKED FOR NOW! We REALLY TOLD THEM HOW WE FEEL! Isn't life WONDERFUL when SO MANY OF US BAND TOGETHER, AND "WE" PROTEST BACK AGAINST THEM! YES!!!! We have to be VERY careful because they WILL try to SNEAK this in again, although there are SO MANY watchdogs out there right now, thankfully, I don't think we have to worry about that, hopefully. We will just keep watching and staying atop of this situation, as this is the best thing we can do right now.
    One thing I WANT to point out, which I think is pathetic is that EVERY time I write to my Congresswomen and one man, I ALWAYS get return emails. THIS TIME I DID "NOT"! Hmmmm? Gee, I wonder why?!! No matter WHAT I write about, the email ALWAYS comes back in THEIR FAVOR! This time, NO contact whatsoever! I have to laugh about this one! They CAN'T WIN THIS ONE! There are TOO MANY OF US!! HA!
    Again, thank you SO much for writing your Congresswoman! This is exactly what we need, is people like you, me, ALL of us, to write to them and stand our ground! We sure did it this time and it felt WONDERFUL!
    Thanks SO much for writing them, AND for coming by to let us all know with your comment! It is SO appreciated! SO glad you shared with us with your comment!
    Please stop by again and feel free to comment more!

  4. Weedybychoice,
    Thanks SO much for coming by and commenting! I am SO glad you found out about SOPA! I'm SO glad I put something out here on the web about it, as we ALLLLL DESERVE OUR FREEDOM OF THE INTERNET! OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND MORE! SOPA 'WILL' take ALL this AND MORE away from us! I call that "Big Brother", back from the George Orwell book, 1984"! Remember that book! I swear it is coming TRUE at times! Thank you for writing your Congressman! That just CHEERS my heart right up! THANK YOU!! It takes ALL of us to do this so THEY KNOW we will NOT STAND BY AND ALLOW THEM TO TAKE "OUR" RIGHTS TO THE INTERNET AWAY FROM US!
    Isn't is just HORRID someone, that idiot from Texas, IMO, even PUT a bill like this up for Congress to try to pass it??? AMAZING!
    Again, THANK "YOU" for writing to your Congressman! I shouldn't even capitalize the name! That is HOW MUCH they are despising me right now!
    Again, SOOOO glad you learned about this! Now we have to keep up on it, doing searches, or even checking out PCWorld, as they had a LOT of info on this!
    Thank you!!!!

  5. I wrote to my Congressmen too and it looks like we have a reprieve, at least for the time being. I hope it's silenced forever. I hate censorship and oppression and every way, shape, and form!

    I was also stopping by to see if you were still doing the Winter's Respite Read-a-Thon this week. If so, please be sure to sign in at the starting line when you start reading. The post will be up at midnight tonight (Monday, 1/23 at 12:00am CST U.S. time). Hope you're still with us. =O)


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