Thursday, October 20, 2011

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My Review:
"The Attic in my Yard: by Birgit Horvath-Much
Is a wonderful short story about your dreams. Making sure you know what dreams are, having dreams, teaching you what dreams are, reminding you what dreams are, and the encouragement for your dreams to be attainable.
This is a great book for people of all ages as it reminds you what dreams really are as they are compared to this and that. Even for people who have dreams and aspirations, it it a great reminder to make sure you can reach those dreams.
I highly suggest this short story to everyone, young and old alike, as a reminder and inspiration as to just what exactly your dreams are and can be.
I purchased this book on my own for my own personal enjoyment.

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I want to add the Blog, Birgit, the author has!  You can find her blog at: Click on that link and visit her there!  You will also find her talking about her book there as well!  I happened to find her book from one of our Hops we had!  I believe it was the Literary Hop!  That is what I LOVE about Hops!  We can find MANY treasures while hopping!  If Birgit had NOT joined the Hop, and if I had NOT joined the Hop, I never would have come across this little GEM of a book!

Please read the comments!  Birgit, the author left one!  I thought of MANY more uses than 'just' our own reading pleasure of this wonderful book!  It sure has got me thinking!  Ally, a visitor to my Blog left one also!  She must have gone over her ebook budget like we ALL have!  Read it, it's SO cute!  Then again, NOT because now she has to wait till the New Year to buy MORE ebooks!  Read it and Enjoy! 


  1. Birgit's book is going to be the first one I buy next year :) Until then I am banned to buy any others! :)

  2. Thanks so much again for your lovely review, Laurie! And Ally, I'm already curious how you'll like it :-) !

  3. Hi Ally!
    Thanks for coming by! SO nice to have you here visiting! You must know Birgit because I sense some laughter here! Did you go OVER your ebook budget like we ALL have?!!! LOL!!! It's HARD NOT TO!! Isn't it? I did not keep track, but I have to slow down myself as Christmas is coming! I'll be in BIG trouble when we get to the store and there's NO money!
    I went to Birgit's blog, which is from the Literary Giveaway Hop and came across her article she wrote about her book. I thought it sounded GREAT, and HAD to go over to Smashwords and grab it! I read it right away! I LOVED it! It is SO good! About dreams/dreaming, as my review states! I know you'll LOVE it!
    When January comes, I hope you'll have gotten some Christmas CASH so you can have MORE money to buy ebooks! This is my New Year's Wish for you!!! I hope you are not like me, as we don't give gifts anymore because there are too many people. BUMMER! Oh well! I'll need to make my OWN little cash bundle for ebooks so I don't go over-budget with them, too! You are NOT alone! It also sounds like you like the review since this is one of the FIRST books you want to read in the New Year! I'm SO glad! I can just picture you on New Year's Day sitting at the computer! LOL!
    Thanks for coming by again! Hope to see you more!

  4. Hi Birgit!
    I'm glad you liked my review! I do LOVE your book all about "DREAMS"! It was GREAT! I truly did LOVE it! Since I have read it, I have thought of SO many things SO many people can use it for! Themselves, their children, their spouse, like mine who has NOT been able to find a job since he finished school in May, at work, in classrooms and more! Even myself! I've been thinking about 'what ARE 'my' dreams'?
    It is SO enjoyable!
    Another use for your book is when we are going through life and need a good pick-me-up! It's definitely a book to get, keep and have! One to refer back to as well!
    I am SO glad I found your Blog:
    I feel SO privileged you came by my blog! Thank you SO much! Thanks for writing the book, too! I WILL refer to it over and over again!


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