Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Safe Haven by Kimberley and Kayla Woodhouse

No Safe Haven
This book was written by a mother/daughter team.  It is a Christian Fiction/Suspense book.  It starts out where Jenna and Andie (the mother and daughter) are in a small plane and it crashes into the side of a mountain.  Cole, another passenger, but stranger, knows someone is after them to kill them.  Apparently they are on the side of the largest mountains in Alaska.  Andie, the daughter, has some spunk to her, being a teenager.  You gotta love that.  It was the treacherous track of trying to save themselves from whomever it was, and wherever they were they did not know, from the people who were after their lives.  This book is filled with action and circumstances well beyond their control.  It is how they do or don’t deal with these occurrences that they get through this all.  This book was okay.  I probably would not have chosen to read it on my own.  The story is a little far-fetched in what ‘the bad guys’ wanted.  I really didn’t understand why that was woven into the story.  The story could have gone many ways, even just a plane crash and trying to survive from it, but did they throw in the part about someone trying to kill them to make the book ‘suspense’?  It would have been suspense enough just trying to get off the side of the mountain with a strange man they didn’t know, and didn’t know if his abilities to help them could be trusted, let alone throwing into the plot someone trying to kill them.  I did forget to mention this part in my other reviews, but Kayla, the daughter, has a rare nerve disease in which she can't necessarily feel pain nor regulate her body temperature.  This is why I feel it would have been suspense enough just to get off the side of the mountain.
I do have to give the mother/daughter team writers credit for writing a flowing book.  The book was not choppy at all.  It read smoothly and nicely.  I could see more books coming from this writing team, but please don’t throw in the type of suspense of someone trying to kill the characters.  As stated, I would have enjoyed this book just as much had they just tried to get off the mountain to safety.
This book does get 'religiousy' with a 'Have you been saved by Christ' statement. That turned me OFF immediately! I believe in God, have my own religion I follow, but when 'this' is thrown into a book of ALL places, come on! I don't know if these authors felt they could make that a statement to get out to the public, or if these two are THAT religious, they HAD to include it??? I don't want to know the answer, either. I felt it was NOT a place to put into a book. NO ONE would have expected 'that' to be IN this book!
I give this book 3 star.

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