Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eleanor Roosevelt Volume 1 The Years from 1884-1933 by Blanche Wiesen Cook

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My computer had been in the shop for most of March, and I just got it back last Friday. That is why you have not heard a 'peep' from me! My hubby has a computer, but you know how it is when it is not 'your' computer!
**Here is a book I read a little while ago that I felt was worth mentioning. There is a Volume 2 that accompanies this book, but I have not read that book yet. I seriously think I should reread this book once again, to get the dates and relatives fresh in my mind because there are so many, before moving on to Volume 2. I read this book about 1 year ago. That is how much information is contained in this 'one' book! 
I would say when I use quotes, I use Eleanor Roosevelt's quotes the most! Next to Helen Keller! I have a book on Quotes, which I will write a review on. It is my 'favorite' book! Look forward shortly to a review on that book!
Excellent book all about Eleanor Roosevelt. Everything you ever wanted to know about her and her family, and of course, all about Franklin's family as well. This book is so detailed, it is Book 1 of 2. I always wondered if they were related how and why they would marry. It is all explained in the book that there were two separate families of Roosevelts, each not related to the other. This book is very detailed in all circumstances. You learn all about Eleanor, from her childhood to every member of her family; all her cousins, etc., right down to family friends. This book takes us through the courtship of her and Franklin, to their marriage, to when he gets elected to the White House. This is Volume 1.
I learned so much about Eleanor. I have always loved her quotes which is what sparked my interest in her in the first place. She volunteered for a lot of different causes and was quite active in many of them. Eleanor is truly a woman to look up to for all she stood for. She 'is' part of our countries history. She stood up for so many women's special interest groups that we truly owe her a lot. Without her, I don't believe we would be where we are today had it not been for her. Eleanor was a woman of great circumstance. There has not been another wmnan comparable to her since. I do have great respect for this history changing woman.

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