Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Deed So", by Katharine A Russell

My Review of:

Deed So by Katharine A Russell

In ‘Deed So’, meaning ‘we know the truth’, written by talented author Katharine A Russell, writes a very beautifully captivating, descriptive, and very hard to put down book about a young, innocent, twelve year old girl, named Haddie, with whom you will fall in love with, and almost feel as if you are her as she goes through life in the 1960’s.  Haddie is far more mature for her age of twelve by the life experiences she lives through in her short life so far, in Wicomo Corners, Maryland, the town she wants so much to get grown up so she can move out of.  She has dreams and they don’t fit in her town.  With it being the 1960’s, with such turbulent times going on around her, she is living through history-making moments and does not know it.  All Haddie knows is that a lot of things do not seem to be fair, nor does justice seem to fit in, in many different situations.  She has witnessed a murder, of which she ends up having to testify to in court regarding what she saw.  What she saw was racism, and that is when she learns so much more about it; that it exists.  She knew some things were not fair, but it was after certain things happened that she really learned what it was.  Haddie was brought up not having a clue that racism existed.  Black people were her friends, and her neighbors, and this was encouraged.  She knew no different until unfair things started happening to them.  It was not until she matured and saw the way daily life was occurring around her, the way bad things kept happening, that she learned this was racism.  During the trial, as she had to testify, she learned lawyers aren’t always cut and dry, that she couldn’t say the things she wanted to say and the things she said were twisted around.  She learned lawyers often have an agenda of their own, regardless of the truth.  This trial brought protestors to town from all over the country, protesting, sometimes dangerously so, and there had been fires deliberately set throughout the town as well, at this same time.  She lost a boy whom she secretly has a crush on, to the Marines, as the Vietnam War was going on.  She also learned that people who she thought were her friends may not be, and they may have secrets she has no comprehension of.  Haddie goes through so much more than any teenager has gone through since those turbulent 1960’s.  There is so much more to Haddie’s life and how the rest of this story unfolds.  You can’t help but to love this character and to feel like her as she goes through life.  I loved this book very much I did not want it to end.  I slowly devoured every word of it.  This book is a must read, and should be a ‘must read’ for teenagers today.  Most teenagers today have no idea what the Civil Rights Movement is, or was, or what it was like to live through the history making moments of that time which was right outside Haddies’ front door.  Many thanks go this more than talented author for writing such a book that pulls you in to where you feel like the main character, Haddie, as the story of her life takes place.

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