Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Red Gloves Collection by Karen Kingsbury

Hi Everyone!
Has anyone ever read "The Red Gloves Collection" by Karen Kingsbury?  I consider it a classic Christmas read!  It is a really thick book!  It contains 4 novellas in one.  They are heart toucing.  I don't consider them to be a 'typical' Karen Kingsbury book.  They are not that long, and were originally published as '4' separate books, all under "The Red Gloves Collection".  Now they are all collected into one big volume called "The Red Gloves Collection".  The different stories are:  Gideon's Gift, Maggies Miracle, Sarah's Song, Hannah's Hope.  They are heartwarming.  Not the usual Karen Kingsbury, like I said.  I kind of like these stories better than her novels she writes now.  Don't get me wrong, I like Karen Kingsbury, but her books are starting to sound somewhat the same, just separate issues people are dealing with.  Does anyone else feel this way?  I think she has gotten into a comfortable nitch, and is staying there.  I feel as if she needs to change her format around and make the books a little more realistic.  That's what I am getting at.  Realistic.  Life is not  a pair of 'rose colored glasses', and that is what I am starting to feel as I am reading her books.  For example, I would hate for a parent with a child suffering with Auspbergers to have the hope that an old playmate could bring their child OUT of the form of Autism they have just because she wrote a book where that happened.  I would remind readers that this is a 'book', a 'story'.  Not generally likely to happen.  But, then again, I could be wrong.  I just wouldn't want to give false hope.  There is SO much they don't know about Autism.  SO many people blame it on childhood immunizations.  Personally, I don't know?  My mother-in-law has a son, or should I say my brother-in-law has Autism, and they are mostly all unreachable, except for a few words.  It is a TOUGH disease to deal with, watching your child wasted away.  It is VERY sad.  I see it in my mother-in-laws eyes all the time.  She wonders and worries what she did wrong.  Right now he is about 38.   Today, there are SO many MORE childen with this disease, it is a shame. 
Any comments???

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