Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Official Review of "Unlocked" by Karen Kingsbury

Hi Everyone!
I finished Unlocked, by Karen Kingsbury, and I enjoyed it.  I don't know how true to real life it is?  A boy with a type of Autism, high-functioning Autism called Auspbergers, comes around when he meets a childhood friend he used to play with.  Here is my 'official' review!

“Unlocked”, by Karen Kingsbury
Book Review:

Zondervan sent me a new, free book by Karen Kingsbury, called ‘Unlocked’, in exchange for me to write a review about her newest ‘life-changing fiction’ book she has written.  This book is a touching story about a young boy who was struck with Asperberger’s Syndrome, (a form of Autism,) at the young age of three.  As a teenager attending regular High School, he begins being drawn out of his ‘locked’ shell by a long, lost, young playmate whom he used to play with as a young boy.  Unknowingly, they meet back up together in High School through music.  She was touched with the magic of the blessings of the Lord, our God, to draw out this young man afflicted with Aspergers... To miss this book is to miss the magic our Lord has working in us in ways we never know until they happen.
Laurie Carlson

If you get a chance to read it, over the Thanksgiving weekend here, I think I saw it on Amazon for $6.99!  Give your review on the site here!  I'd love to hear what you think!!

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