Friday, November 12, 2010

I got an ARC from Zondervan!!!!

Hi Everyone!
I recieved an ARC - Advanced Reader Copy from Zondervan in the mail about 1 week ago!  I have been busy posting reviews and yes, I have started this new book!
It is:  UNLOCKED by Karen Kingsbury!!!
I should have this book finished and the review done within the next few days and I will make SURE I post it right away!
This book is REALLY good!  It is about a boy who is Autistic.   He is in High School and sees a girl from his childhood that seems to draw him out of his Autism!  We'll see where else the story goes!  I am half way through this book!  I expect to finish it by tomorrow-Friday!  I will write the review and post it asap!  This looks like a book that everyone should read as well.  He is a 'high functioning' Autistic boy who attends High School!  His mother and father both believe and feel that childhood immunizations 'could' have caused his Autism, although they even admit there really is no way of knowing.  Their son had been sick for quite some time, then went to the doctor's for his immunizations.  He got triple the doses to catch-up on them.  After the immunizations, he seemed to go inside of himself. 
We'll see how the rest of the story plays out!
Enjoy your day!
Laurie Carlson


  1. You sound like a new blogger too! I thought I would say hey to a fellow newbie! Check me out if you would like..
    jacque (

  2. Hi there! Yes! I am new! It's great to have a new fellow blogger! I will check out your site!
    Laurie (


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