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#StackingtheShelves #55 - blog updates and week's end as of 10-23-16! Come see the NEW books I received this week!

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Hello everyone! It's that time of week again, that time to do an awesome "SHOW AND TELL" of the books I have been given, from authors, from publishers, I bought, borrowed, or received somehow, the library, a yard sale, or some way this past week! I LOVE showing books off like this! This is one of MY favorite posts to write!!
I also use THIS POST EACH WEEK to do somewhat of a wrap-up AND to post my NEW REVIEWS, NEW GIVEAWAYS, and whatever else I should bring to your attention!
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How is everyone this week? Bet you thought I wasn't going to have a post this weekend, huh? SURPRISE!!! I AM LATE! My son stopped by yesterday out of the BLUE! I was SOOOOO HAPPY AND SURPRISED!!! I HAD to visit with him! I LOVE my kids!!
Well, I had QUITE the week! If you recall last weekend is when it started! "LIFE"! Sometimes it does NOT do what we WANT IT TO! Last weekend was when the Maintenance Man who works "HERE" in OUR complex mowed 30 FEET of our cable line that Comcast was "supposed to bury well OVER one month ago!!!" (The 'ONLY' internet and telephone access we have here where we live is with Comcast! UGH!!! Our landlord MUST be getting his hands rubbed with the GREEN STUFF to keep AT&T and other companies OUT of here from Comcast!). Thankfully, they DID show up here on Monday to repair it!! Hooray!!!
This Wednesday the bus forgot me!! I sat outside in upper 50 degree weather in the RAIN!! I was soaked ALL the way through! Yes, I sat outside in the rain and wind for OVER 2 HOURS, waiting! It's the handicap bus, and yes, sometimes there is a wait, but they were SO busy! WHO goes out in the rain? Apparently EVERYONE!!! WOW!!!
Thursday the electric went OUT at 9:00pm!!!! It was out until after 1:30pm!!! I called to get an update - they said ALL homes WERE RESTORED!!! NO!!! I HAD NO ELECTRIC!!!!! I had to RE-REPORT my electric was OUT!!! AGAIN!!! Thank GOSH I DID!! NO ONE ELSE REPORTED IT! There were only 100 of us left without power! No one else even called??? Go figure? I guess they weren't worried about waking up for work like my husband was, and I was worried I would be late for the handicap bus! Thankfully it WAS RESTORED by about 1:30am!!!
Friday came along - I SWEAR I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!!!! WE GOT HOME AT ABOUT 4:00pm - NO HEAT!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!! This is it!!! Toooooo much is happening to us EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! WOW!!! Honestly, can you BELIEVE ALL OF THIS THAT HAS HAPPENED??? I SURE COULD NOT! 
Now we are HOPING that "LIFE" does NOT get in the way again!!! LOL! Phew! On Saturday AND today, Sunday, I asked my husband a question, and it was, "Well, honey, what do you think LIFE is going to THROW at us today?" LOL!!!! He laughed hard, and then I started laughing! Hey! At LEAST we can laugh about it NOW THAT IT'S OVER - for a little while, we think!!! LOL!!! Please wish us BETTER LUCK this week, too! Thanks!!!
I'll start by telling you I have gained weight doing ALL this reading! It was time I DID SOMETHING about it other than REALIZE IT! I could NOT allow my weight to get away from my control ANY LONGER!!! I KNEW I creeped over a certain number on the scale, and I did NOT LIKE IT!! I could NOT step on the scale!! I was afraid I would be sitting here at home having that number going through my head over and over and over and I would probably need psychiatric care!! LOL! Seriously, though!! I MEAN that when I say it!!! 
So out of the BLUE, my husband's work sent out a questionnaire asking us what activities we were interested in participating in after they got off of work, or things they might want to do throughout the year, such as picnics, etc! Almost EVERYONE at his work marked down they wanted a Gym membership at the "Y"! (The YMCA)!!!! HOORAY!!! That IS what WE DID mark down! We were waiting until this Christmas to get their yearly special at half off the membership dues for the whole YEAR!!!! Thankfully, his work offered the membership to us at HALF OFF!!! AS LONG AS . . . my HUSBAND GOES THREE TIMES A WEEK!!! So far, so good!
I have been taking advantage of the POOL!!!! I am limited, physically, to almost EVERYTHING, but IN THE POOL I AM A FISH!!!! The water cushions EVERYTHING on my body! It is AMAZING!!! I have been going 4 times per week, and taking the Arthritis Program that lasts ONE hour! (This IS KILLING ME!! Honestly, 4 times per week IS TOO MUCH! I'm afraid to stop, though, because I am TRULY afraid my body WILL stiffen back up. So . . . ? I am going to TRY to keep this up even if I DO get home and ALL I CAN DO IS LAY FLAT IN MY BED STARING AT THE CEILING!!! LOL!!! I am wiped out!!! WOW!!!) They have us workout IN the pool, and let me tell you, it is NOT as easy as you would think! I have been staying after the class, too, and swimming around as much as I am able to, and since I started 3 weeks ago, (now I had already changed my eating habits) and I DID get the GUTS UP to stand on that scale!!! I WAS SOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!! Now in the last 3 weeks I have LOST 20lbs!!!! HOORAY!!!! I NEED to keep this up!!!! I also visited with one of the Personal Trainers, and her name is just like my daughters, Elizabeth! She taught me how to use a few machines! I have to go VERY SLOW because of my muscle disease, but I AM building up more muscle!
The 'Y' has the COOLEST SCALE!! You have to get on it barefoot, and it shows so MANY THINGS about your body! It even tells you if you are hydrated enough! It is amazing!!!!! ANY questions about what I'm doing at the YMCA, just ask in the comments!!
Okay! Let's hit the books and see what's going on here, first!

Spooktacular Giveaway Blog Hop! NOW until 10-31! HALLOWEEN!
Come on over to see what I am giving away!!!! If you LOVE skeletons and skulls, you're going to LOVE what I am giving away!!! You MUST SEE THIS!!! A book and something else, but I won't say what it is, you MUST LOOK! I gave one away last year, and it was a HIT!!!!
Please leave feedback for me and let me know if you like it!!!! You can get there by clicking HERE!!! Look for this photo and you'll know you are at the right post to enter!! Have fun!!!

NO NEW reviews this week, but given what we went through, I was lucky to get ANY reading done! NO HEAT! NO ELECTRIC!!! And MORE!!!

REVIEW THIS COMING WEEK: Miracle on 5th Avenue (from Manhattan with Love, #3) by Sarah Morgan! I LOVED this book!!! Wait until my review before you purchase it, please!! It doesn't come out until November 29th, but I DO have the book just about done, and I will be writing the review tomorrow, Monday.

I'll start with the REVIEW books, first, then I'll notate what I purchased!! Here we go!


A Perilous Undertaking, A Veronica Speedwell Mystery #2
Release Date: January 10th, 2017

Stolen Beauty, a novel, by Laurie Lico Albanese
Release Date:  February 7th, 2017

I bought ALL of these at DEEPLY DISCOUNTED prices, which is why there are so many! Enjoy! These look GREAT!!

denial, careless whispers #1, by Lisa Renee Jones

A Certain Age, a novel, by Beatriz Williams
(I've been DYING to read this!!!)

The Girl Who Lied by Sue Fortin

Evelyn, After, a novel, by Victoria Helen Stone

Silent Scream, A DI Kim Stone novel, by Angela Marsons

Saving Sophie by Sam Carrington

And that is ALL for this week! Hope you enjoyed today's post!!!


  1. Sue Fortin is such a lovely person Laurie. I'm so chuffed The Girl Who Lied has become an International bestseller.

    Hope your week is hassle and crises free this week.


  2. Thank you, Shaz for the above and letting me know The Girl Who Lied was on Laurie's reading list. I do hope you enjoy it, Laurie, thank you for picking it.


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