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#BOOK #REVIEW "Little Boy Blue, A Detective Inspector Helen Grace Novel, #5" by M J Arlidge - Releases Tues, Oct 4th!


Detective Helen Grace faces her own dark compulsions in the twisty new thriller from the author of Pop Goes the Weasel and Eeny Meeny.

In the darkest corners of the city, there is a thriving nightlife where people can let loose and cross the lines of work and play, of pleasure and pain. But now that sanctuary has been breached. A killer has struck and a man is dead.

In a world where disguises and discretion are the norm, one admission could unravel a life. No one wants to come forward to say what they saw or what they know—including the woman heading the investigation: Detective Helen Grace.

Helen knew the victim. And the victim knew her—better than anyone else. And when the murderer strikes again, Helen must decide how many more lines she’s willing to cross to bring in a devious and elusive serial killer...

Praise for LIAR LIAR
“British author Arlidge’s fourth novel featuring Southampton Det. Insp. Helen Grace (after The Doll’s House) is so good that it will send new readers scrambling to catch up with the
earlier books in the series.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review
“This is an addictive installment in a reliably strong series — think James Patterson or Patricia Cornwell, with a (not-so-posh) British accent.”
USA Today, 3 stars (out of 4)
“Arlidge has created a memorable heroine in Helen Grace, who combines insight, grit, and an appealing personal vulnerability…”
—Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine
“Arlidge delivers on the promise of the first Helen Grace thriller with another gripping and action-packed read topped by a final twist.”
—Library Journal
“Readers will root for this admirable if flawed heroine every step of the way.”
—Publishers Weekly
Praise for EENY MEENY
“Boy, do the pages fly by…It's almost always cause for skepticism when a book's jacket copy promises an ingenious new variety of serial killer, but amazingly enough it's true of
M.J. Arlidge's gripping debut.”
USA Today, 3 ½ stars (of 4)
“A brilliant read that is impossible to let go of until the final page.”
Crimespree Magazine

5 STARS!!!
I happily admit the Detective Inspector Helen Grace books are my favorite thrillers! You’ll often find badass DI Helen Grace riding her motorcycle around London looking for the clues she needs to solve the cases she gets handed because her people believe in her to always finds justice for those who are sadly killed.
This time, though, yes, this is bad as the description says it is, and that is as it says, quote: a thriving nightlife where people can let loose and cross the lines of work and play, of pleasure and pain, unquote, and that happens to be the BDSM group of people who enjoy that lifestyle. There happens to be a murderer in the BDSM group, and Helen believes it must be an inside job, so they go seeking out clues and find suspects who fit the protocol. There is one very bad thing for Helen Grace this time, though. Her job teeter-totters on the edge if they find this information out about her, and oh, they will! It kills her to admit it, but Helen Grace is also into BDSM. She must come forward and admit this so she can have a clear conscious to work the case, and to NOT allow her name to get drawn into the mud if it does come up because she very well believes it could. Besides, these are her ‘friends’ who have been killed, and she IS going to find the killer before anyone else gets killed.
The author who writes these books, and this is book 5, is by far my favorite thriller writer! You start reading these books and you are flying through them as fast as he has written them, helping Helen Grace find the killers, too. The suspense these books give us is the thrill! I LOVE these books, they are my favorites! I LOVE the names of the books, too! I try to figure out what type of killer are we going to have just by the title of the book alone! I follow this author and what he writes so I know what’s coming next. Even though this is book 5, you can read this on it’s own, just the higher these books are going, the more we learn about the main character, Detective Inspector Helen Grace, and like I calling her a badass up above because she is! That is what I love about her! She is the character that makes these books! Can you imagine yourself riding a motorcycle through the middle of London going from point A to B solving cases? It would be great!!
I highly recommend this book along with the entire set of these books of the Detective Inspector Helen Grace books, and don’t worry. This story about BDSM is not that far out there, probably not anymore far out there from what you see on some of the evening prime time television crime shows. These books are addicting, though. I do have to say that! Read one, you want to read them all! The hard part is waiting for the next books in this series to come out as they come out first in the UK, so we are second, and it kills me!! I’d LOVE to go to London during the times these next books come out just so I can pick up the next book in this series! Enjoy these!! Here are the books in order:
  1. Eeny Meeny
  2. Pop Goes the Weasel
  3. The Doll’s House
  4. Liar Liar
  5. Little Boy Blue
  6. Hide and Seek (not yet released)
  7. Follow My Leader (not yet released)
AND A BONUS Novella! "No Way Back (A DCI Helen Grace Short Story)" by MJ Arlidge! Available NOW and available wherever ebooks are sold (yes, this is ONLY available as an ebook. I found mine at Amazon and I will add the LINK TO Amazon under this book's link! You can just click on the book and it will take you directly there and you can purchase it!!!)
You can clearly see by the titles that each thing the killer does to kill people is influenced in the title of the book, for instance in this book, Little Boy Blue involves asphyxiation/or strangling. Eeny Meeny involved two people put inside of a place they could not get out, but they also were given one gun with one bullet, so one of them had to die. Ooooo! And the titles go on! This book was given to me by the publisher, Berkley/Penguin for free in exchange that I write a review of my own opinion about the book.

ebook: $11.99
Print:   $15.00

No Way Back (A DCI Helen Grace Short Story) by MJ Arlidge (A novella!!!)
Available NOW HERE IN THE US as an ebook only for $2.35! Enjoy!!!

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