Thursday, August 4, 2016

#REVIEW - Buzz Books 2016, #Romance, Exclusive Excerpts from Top New Romance Titles by PublishersLunch



This inaugural edition of Buzz Books: Romance provides substantial pre-publication excerpts from 20 forthcoming romance titles. At the end of most excerpts, you will find a link to the full galley on NetGalley! Enjoy access to the best romance voices the publishing industry is broadcasting for the upcoming season as you discover new series, catch up with the latest installments from beloved series, and find great standalone titles from top romance authors.

From grande dames such as Mary Balogh, Janet Dailey, and Mary Jo Putney to heavy-hitters Kristan Higgins Jill Shalvis, Lori Wilde, and Maisey Yates to hot contemporary writers like Tawna Fenske, and Abbie Roads, the authors excerpted here are bestselling, award-winning, and irresistible.

This sampler has nearly every subgenre, too—historical romances set in different eras (Julia London’s Wild Wicked Scot; Kristy Cambron’s The Illusionist’s Apprentice, contemporary comedy (Katherine Reay’s A Portrait of Emily Price), westerns (Lindsay McKenna’s Wind River Wrangler), sports romances (Sarina Bowen’s Rookie Move), thrillers and romantic suspense (Tiffany Snow’s Follow Me; Colleen Coble’s Twilight at Blueberry Barrens) and some with a touch of paranormal.

Sarah Wendell, co-founder of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and an expert in all things romance, offers a useful, even essential roundup of additional, noteworthy summer/fall/winter romance books to have on your radar.

For the best in soon-to-be-published other fiction genres, plus nonfiction, and children’s literature, be sure to read Buzz Books 2016: Fall/Winter orBuzz Books 2016: Young Adult Fall/Winter, available now on NetGalley. Then be on the lookout for the next two editions of Buzz Books covering the spring/summer 2017 publishing season for both adults and young adults, available in January.

5 STARS!!!
I LOVE these Buzz Books because we get an amazing taste of what is coming out in books in the genres we like and love, as well as learning which of our favorite authors will be having NEW books releasing as well! We get to find this information out well ahead of time as to when they are releasing! This is a first! THIS BOOK IS NEW AND SPECIFICALLY FOR THE "ROMANCE" GENRE!
In the description up above it talks about the full titles being available to request from NetGalley, and yes, at the end of most every sample we are lucky enough to read, sometimes there is a link to be able to request the entire book for review! These links for request are for book bloggers/reviewers, librarians and a for other people in the book occupations in which it would benefit the book and the author to get their books read ahead of time and to have some 'buzz' started prior to their release. The people in those positions do get to request the full titles right from the inside of this book, which is AMAZING! I love that ability! Also, these books are another way of knowing what new books are coming out by some of our favorite authors if you don't follow them already, too! Sometimes even when following an author, we may not know always know of what is planned to come out for them, or which books will be coming sooner than later! One thing this book does stress is that these release dates printed in this book are tentative, and can still change. We are reminded of in this book as these dates are targeted release dates. It seems like a LOT of new books are targeted to release in September (after the kids go back to school!), October, and then a LOT of them in January! What a GREAT WAY but to start the NEW YEAR! I'll take it!
In this Romance genre, the publisher has broken it down into sub-genres, which include Historical, Historical Mystery, Suspense, Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, and there are a few Christmas books planned, too! There are even more sub-genres under Romance they talk about in this book, just as many as there are separate genres of these as they stand on their own. It's amazing how many new Romance titles are coming out starting in just a few weeks, pretty much! Now is the time to grab this from Amazon for free! Or you can pick this title up from NetGalley! Yes, these books are ALWAYS FREE! It's a great way for them to advertise the books, and a great way for us to know what is coming out and when! You're going to LOVE these books! Enjoy!
One more quick thing! In the Description of this book, it states the NEXT Buzz Books book will be releasing in January! Watch for it on NetGalley and at Amazon, too! These books are and always have been FREE! They are intentionally free so you'll start some 'buzz' about them!
I received a free copy of this book from the Publisher, PublishersLunch, and NetGalley to read and write a review of my own opinion.

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