Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Spooktacular #Giveaway #Hop! HOP on over to #enter to #win #prizes! NOW to 10-31!

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Thanks for stopping by the blog today for this Spooktacular #Giveaway Hop!


US can win this book AND the Bookmark below! It's adorable!!!
INTL can win the ebook only due to postage costs

(To the US, if someone that is INTL wins, the US gets another chance to win this bookmark in the NEXT Giveaway Hop that starts Nov 1st! It is AWESOME!!!) 

Everyone can #win the following '1' print book (for INTL it is an ebook) of "The Skeleton Haunts a House" by Leigh Perry, a cozy murder mystery where Sid, the Skeleton, is a part of this family and helps to solve a murder mystery! You'll LOVE this book! I was cracking up in laughter at times!
. . . AND . . . scroll down! There is MORE TO #WIN if you are in the US! 

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE: Skull - Death Skeleton Halloween Metal Bookmark Page Marker with Bottlecap Charm

You MUST SEE THIS!!! I LOVE IT!!! Click on the (words) the description, OR on the photo! It is SO COOL!!! I WISH I could have made this larger, but you CAN SEE IT LARGER on Amazon by clicking on the link! You'll LOVE this!!! The skull hangs and dangles!! It goes PERFECTLY with the book! (No substitutes because I just purchased this AND the print book TONIGHT!)

How do you #win? Just fill out the form below! (Note: you will have to use your mouse or cursor to move the scrollbar up and down inside the form on the RIGHT SIDE because the form is too large to fit in this space on the blog on it's own. Play with it and you'll see it DOES WORK!)

Another HUGE #Giveaway is also going on!! LOOK IN THE LEFT SIDE COLUMN in the box just below THIS Giveaway Hop! I am giving away a US or INTL "Thank YOU" gift for being my Follower or a NEW Follower either by GFC or Bloglovin! (I prefer Bloglovin - whichever you use!) This is my HUGE "Happy Every Holiday" from now until New Year's Day (in addition to other giveaways like this one or other books, too!) from myself TO YOU! Why? Because YOU deserve it! This is the time of year to say THANK YOU, AND I THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting me and the blog and for ALWAYS being here! YOU ROCK!!! "THANK YOU", AGAIN!!
How to enter? Click on the Kindle photo and ENTER! Runs until 10-31 at midnight!

After you are done filling out this form below, make sure to scroll down and HOP to all the other blogs in this HOP! Happy Hopping! 
Happy Halloween!!

Here are ALLLLLLL the other blogs in this Hop to HOP TO AND ENTER!
Happy Hopping! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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