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The #NYTimes Top 20 #Bestsellers for the week of 6-7-15! Plus BLOG UPDATES!

Welcome! It's been another GREAT week of books for myself and I HOPE YOU have had a GREAT week of reading, too! This post is always up by NOON every Sunday, and most of the time earlier!

We have a winner of the #Giveaway for House Broken by Sonja Yoerg!

#WINNER OF #HOUSEBROKEN by +Sonja Yoerg is: MEREDITH! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have emailed you! I will wait for you to reply!

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LET'S SEE THE BOOKS!!!                                                                                                                                                   

FICTION: COMBINED EBOOK AND PRINT! ALL links go to ALL the versions of the books now! When you click on ANY book, it takes you to Amazon, and they have changed their links around so that ALL versions of the book show up! It's really nice and easy to choose the book you want now! Enjoy!

I have ONE QUESTION: WHY are the ebooks costing MORE than the print version of a LOT of the books? Each week we read this article and see the ebook prices go up, up and UP while the print prices go down, down, down. WHY? I do NOT understand HOW an electronic file can cost MORE than a print copy of a book?
I enjoy reading MORE on my Kindle more than I do on paper. There is a mixture of us, but still, I KNOW the electronic file IS MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE TO PRODUCE AND I FEEL WE ARE BEING TAKEN BY THE PUBLISHERS!
Granted, I like paper, too, and some books NEED to be ON PAPER.
For the ebooks, I can read faster and I can SEE MUCH BETTER on my Kindle. It is getting to the point where I refuse to purchase the ebook OR the printed book because the publishers are just making me SO ANGRY about the ebook prices! There is NO REASON for an electronic file to cost MORE than the print copy!
The print copy takes trees, using paper that is environmentally destructive. I live near where a paper mill used to be in production. You should SEE what it did to the river! The St Clair River in Michigan. This river is SO FULL of chemicals, it's not funny! So Publishers, with as MUCH destruction as making paper to print your books on, why don't you ENCOURAGE the sale of the electronic copies of your books? I don't understand, and will continue to complain about this!
I can see paying up to $10.00 for an ebook, but ANYTHING ABOVE that, NO!
Book #1 costs $1.00 MORE electronically than the print copy! WHY??? This continues on with so many MORE books on this list this week, too. I say this is FOOLISH! We could be SAVING OUR ENVIRONMENT, especially when so many people and other businesses are trying to save our environment as well! Sell the print copies to the people who want them, but KEEP THE EBOOK COPIES AFFORDABLE!

I would LOVE to know what YOU think about the prices of ebooks, too! Please leave your comments below! Thanks!

1.  Radiant Angel (John Corey Book 7) by Nelson DeMille
ebook: $12.99
print:   $11.99

2. The Girl on the Train: A Novel by Paula Hawkins
ebook: $6.99
print:   $8.39

3. Piranha (The Oregon Files) by Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison
ebook: $12.99
print:   $15.49

4. All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel by Anthony Doerr
ebook: $13.99
print:   $14.53

5. Memory Man (Amos Decker series) by David Baldacci
ebook: $  9.99
print:   $16.80

6. 14th Deadly Sin (Women's Murder Club) by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
ebook: $  9.99
print:   $12.96

7. Luckiest Girl Alive: A Novel by Jessica Knoll
ebook: $11.99
print:   $15.00

8. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
ebook: $  8.99
print:   $12.96

9. A Match for Marcus Cynster (The Cynster Novels Book 2) by Stephanie Laurens
ebook: $6.35
print:   $6.94

10. The Marriage Season (Brides of Bliss County Book 3) by Linda Lael Miller
ebook: $6.49
print:   $6.47

11. Mended (Lucian & Lia Book 3) by Sydney Landon
ebook: $2.99
no print version available 'yet'

12. Beautiful Sacrifice: A Novel (The Maddox Brothers Book 3) by Jamie McGuire
ebook: $  5.99
print:   $13.49

13. Gathering Prey (The Prey Series Book 25) by John Sanford
ebook: $10.99
print:   $14.38

14. The House We Grew Up In: A Novel by Lisa Jewell
ebook: $11.99
print:   $11.40

15. Against the Tide (The Brodies Of Alaska Book 3) by Kat Martin
ebook: $5.84
print:   $6.79

Thanks SO much for stopping by again! Hope to see you next week! Remember! Enter into the #Giveaways in the UPPER LEFT COLUMN! Have a GREAT week ahead! Here are the rest of the books!

ZOO, by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (Little, Brown)
SUMMER FIRE, by Gennita Low (7th House)
THE WHITE QUEEN, by Philippa Gregory (Touchstone)
OUTLANDER, by Diana Gabaldon (Dell)
SEVENEVES, by Neal Stephenson (Morrow/HarperCollins)

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  1. I have no clue why ebook prices are higher. Like you, I read most of my books on my Kindle. Ugh, stupid higher prices! My wallet is already unhappy with me.


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