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The #NYTimes Top 15 (20) #Bestsellers in #Fiction for the week ending Feb 8th, 2015 plus #BLOGGING UPDATES!

Welcome! It's been another week of GREAT books! I can't wait to see what books made the list this week! This post is always up every Sunday by NOON every weekend and most of the time earlier!
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I LOVE sharing this list with everyone!

I have the Winter Blues! This week has been a struggle for me - temperature wise! It's been SO COLD here! At night it's been below zero and then some, which doesn't add in the wind chill/dew point which has been an additional 10 to 15 degrees below zero! It's been a battle to stay warm! All I want to do is sit here wrapped up in my 3-layer thick fleece blanket! I learned to take my showers in the afternoon while the sun is out, thus making the house warmer! LOL! Anything to help stay warmer!!!
Earlier this last Fall, I weatherized this house as much as I could. The problem is the front door. This summer I'll have to get my husband to take it off the hinges, lay it flat, and check the bottom out. There is some type of weather stripping missing that has worn out and is now missing from the bottom of that door. This is where the ICE COLD AIR is coming IN THE HOUSE AT! When I say ICE COLD, I mean it! For now, I have towels shoved up against the bottom of the door, which is a pain when you have a dog who constantly wants to go in and out! She owns a fur coat, so . . . she doesn't care!
When my husband leaves for work in the morning, I'm not always awake to put the towels back in front of the door, either, so it just lets that cold air pour in! A door sweep won't work either. There is that other part missing that attaches to the underside of the door, (I don't know the name of it offhand) and I'm pretty sure that is what is letting in ALL that cold air, which is really an easy fix - in the summer! Not now!
Then THE SNOW!!!!!!!
I'm SO tired of it!
In the meantime, I just can't WAIT for the temperatures to warm up! Thankfully, one week of February is over! Three more to go! Yes! I'm counting!!! March usually starts to warm up a little more, so I have my eye on the prize of March!
What about YOU? Have YOU been freezing, too? Any tips on keeping the cold air OUT of the house? I'd LOVE to know!

UPDATE! GREAT NEWS FOR TODAY, Sunday!!! "TODAY" is going to be a HEAT WAVE!!! Woo-hoo! High: 37 Low: 16 YES!!!!
Mon and Tues at a high of 23 both days with a low of 12 for both!
Wed high is 29, then a low of 13 THEN . . .
Back to freezing my bejeevers!!!!!!!! (Whatever those are! LOL!!! My Grandmother used to say that! LOL!!!) Get this . . . With a . . .
HIGH OF 16 AND A LOW OF -6 (with barely ANY sun, and I forgot to check the wind. Nevermind! I don't want to know!) AND SO ON UNTIL THE FOLLOWING WEEK . . . Brrrrrrr, so it is  . . . CELEBRATION TIME FROM TODAY, SUNDAY, TO THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!! (And that is STILL BLANKETY BLANK COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Reviews: I have so MANY reviews to write! It IS warming up this week for a FEW days! I'll be coming out of my cocoon to write them! LOL!
Watch for a NEW review on a book by Amanda Aksel called "The Commitment Test"! I think my review date for that book is Friday the 13th!

Okay! Let's see the books now!

All links go to the ebook. If you are interested in a different version book, look for it while you are at the kindle site. Just click on the version you want and it will take you there! Enjoy!

1.   The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
ebook: $ 8.99
print:  $16.23

2. Private Vegas by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
ebook: $  9.99
print:   $12.61

3. Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James
ebook: $2.99
print:   $8.97

4. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
ebook: $11.99
print:   $16.20

5. Viper Game by Christine Feehan
ebook: $5.99
print:   $7.99

6. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
ebook: $4.99
print:   $6.38

7. Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire
ebook: $  5.99
print:   $13.49

8. The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy by Julia Quinn
ebook: $6.15
print:   $7.99

9. Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty
ebook: $  3.99
print:   $16.16

10. Bound by Flames by Jeaniene Frost
ebook: $5.99
print:   $7.99

11. Still Alice by Lisa Genova
ebook: $6.99
print:   $7.99

12. In His Keeping by Maya Banks
ebook: $  7.59
print:   $12.27

13. Fifty Shades Darker by E L James
ebook: $7.99
print:   $8.96

14. The Escape by David Baldacci
ebook: $  9.99
print:   $12.97

15. Gray Mountain by John Grisham
ebook: $  9.99
print:   $12.48

Thanks for stopping by again! Hope to see you through the week, too! Don't forget about the Giveaway up above for the $250! Also, don't forget about the Blog Hop! Both are located in the UPPER LEFT SIDE COLUMN, so just click on the photos! Here are the remaining 5 books!

  • DARK PLACES, by Gillian Flynn (Broadway)
  • ONE NIGHT STAND, by J. S. Cooper and Helen Cooper (J.S. Cooper)
  • SAINT ODD, by Dean Koontz (Bantam)
  • FIFTY SHADES TRILOGY, by E. L. James (Vintage)
  • ORPHAN TRAIN, by Christina Baker Kline (Morrow/HarperCollins)
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