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#REVIEW - The Billionaire's Christmas by J S Scott


This was previously titled, The Billionaire’s Angel, from the A Maine Christmas...or Two - A Duet: The Billionaire's Angel & A Mermaid Isle Christmas.

My Take:
2 Stars
I have a problem with this book. This book read more like a pornographic novella than a Romance novella. Yes, I said that. This book is marked as ROMANCE as you can see by the description Amazon has it under below. However, I have not come across and read a book like this before that has not had a warning attached to it that the book contains sexual situations like other books like this one has had, The other thing that is missing is an AGE WARNING. Why not? There is explicit sex written in this book describing EVERYTHING. Here is what Amazon says about this book:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #75 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

  • There is ZERO warning that there is explicit sex in this book.

    Many people love reading these types of books, and there is nothing wrong with them . . . for the people who like it. The problem lies in that there was nothing mentioned in the description of this book PRIOR TO PURCHASING IT that tells us there will be pornographic scenes in it, and no one can argue the scenes are not pornographic because in erotica it is written differently. Heck, this book is not even MARKED Erotica when it should be!!! Or it should be marked PORNOGRAPHIC! Instead, we get nothing - NO WARNING! Not even an age of 17+ is notated. Go to the Amazon page that lists this book. Anyone could buy this book, including 13 year old teenagers. THAT is my huge problem with this book. I am extremely disappointed in this author and publisher, Montlake Publishing. SOMEONE should have caught this. There NEEDS TO BE A WARNING OF THE CONTENTS OF THIS BOOK.

There are many people who like ‘clean’ romances, and even some blogs who prefer to highlight clean romance books. Any ONE of them could end up buying this book because of the LACK OF WARNING OF THE CONTENT IN THIS BOOK. They are not going to be too happy about what they end up with when this book is for an audience that likes sexual situations in their books but not for people who prefer clean romances.
Again, my largest concern is for that 13 year old who ends up with this book. Even the parent would not know what is in this book. The parent would have to read this book prior to allowing their child to read it.
This issues NEEDS to be addressed!  

About this book:
This book is a novella in the New Adult Romance genre. I had been dying to get the chance to read this one because the cover looks enticing, so holiday’ish, and it was a very enjoyable story for about almost the first half which is why I kept reading. Although, looking at the cover this large, I see a tie. Is this a kind of reference to 50 Shades? Should 'that' have been my warning about the contents of this book?
Early in this book we learn about a young teenager named Grady Sinclair, who is treated horribly, like dirt, by his own father for no reason at all but for the simple fact that he could. His father was abrupt and abusive to him, treating him less than his other three older siblings, and made sure to say-so out loud in front of anyone, further humiliating him. You really do feel bad for this young boy as he is stuck living with him as that is his father. He was constantly knocked down as being no good. In fact, Grady found out one of his older brothers comes home each year for Christmas because he knows how his father will be treating Grady so terribly, and he is there to help protect him. Truth be told, Grady's father is a raging alcoholic. (I have found when someone needs to scream, yell, and bellow out loud putting other people down so bad that the victim feels berated like Grady does, only shows how little the person who is doing it thinks of “themselves”. In reality, THEY are the true coward! I say this from experience, too, as they look for a weak place wherever they can find one, and once found, they ‘never’ let up. Emphasis again on the word 'never'. It is an extremely sad, sick, and pathetic kind of person who acts like this. This kind of person NEVER changes, and it will rub off on any children around that person who is the victim. The victim(s) need to get out of there!
I LOVED it when something horrible happens to his father! As with anyone who goes through this, though, they often shut down and tend to become mean, too. They have lost ALL self-confidence, and that is awfully hard to build that back up by yourself.
Years go by . . . we meet the main character in this book, a woman named Emily who runs a charity. She had met a new boyfriend who ended up stealing money from her very large charity center she ran. It was tens of thousands of dollars, enough for a christmas party, food, gifts and more to help kids who needed it. Unfortunately, she trusted this man and foolishly left the room that had the money in full sight, and the boyfriend was in the same room. She was called out of the room, never giving it a thought about leaving him in the room with the money, so . . . he stole ALL the money and disappeared. He turned out to be a con artist and definitely conned her. By the time she figured out what happened, the idiot was long gone.
Now what was she supposed to do? How was she supposed to be able to put on this huge charity christmas program that so many people, in particular kids, were depending on her for? Everyone knew it was coming as it had been planned for for so long. Most importantly, how would she be able to give the kids who need so much what they needed? She was devastated.
She got an idea to approach this billionaire she knew, a man named Grady, but supposedly he had a reputation of being very mean man. She wanted to ask him if he would donate money towards the program. Off she went to get up the nerve to go knock on his door and ask him. When she met him, she felt an instant attraction towards him, but figured she had nothing to worry about because she is a larger sized woman, and most men don’t prefer women who are larger but rather very thin. Nothing to worry about at all. In a way it felt kind of good. Later, however, she quickly finds out this did not mean anything to this man, as he was attracted to her despite her being overweight. He actually prefers women who were a little heavier. (She mentions her weight about herself several times in this story, so she really had a hang-up about her weight.) He ended up agreeing to donate money, and ended up giving her a million dollars! There was a catch, though. She had to stay with him and provide him with anything he wanted for one week, through the holidays, too. (This did not seem realistic to me here. Why would you agree to spend christmas with a strange man? What about her family and friends?) She was instantly concerned, worrying this may mean sexual favors, too, (again not believable because she came right out and asked him if that would be something he was expecting. WHO would ask that?) He pretty much said, ‘only if you want it to’. As Emily got to really know Grady, she thought he really was a very unselfish man despite what the rumors about him were. Eventually Emily stays her ‘week’ with Grady, and
As I read further into this story, it completely weakens to no story and ‘all sex’. The sex is extremely descriptive, detailed, and explicit. I'm not a prude, believe me, but I do much prefer more subtle references when sex is involved in a book, or if it is even hinted at, or if it’s written, it’s done so in a way that leaves it more to our imagination rather than the way they it is written in this book. This book has several complete, entire scenes of sexual encounters between Emily and Grady that are so descriptive, detailed, and explicit. Words are used that could be be described as pornographic, not even erotic. Nothing at all is left to the imagination in this book. The sex is so detailed, as much as it could possibly be and then some. We are talking everything, including oral sex, detail by detail. There are so many detailed sexual situations you couldn’t miss them if you tried to as I flipped through the pages after having enough from the first encounter. I’m still left wanting more of this story, but I’m not going to get it. At least not with this kind of sex going on.                                                                                                                                                              I can’t say this book is erotica, but more pornographic in nature. I looked up the definition of erotica and pornography in writing. This is what I found: If it has a story to it, it is supposed to be more on the erotica side, and pornography doesn’t really care about the characters or situations. Okay. If that be so, then the last half of this book IS pornographic, even if Emily and Grady DO end up falling in love. (Falling in love? Let’s call it falling in pure lust.) It was the words that are used as to why I am calling this book pornographic. Words “I” can’t even use in a review. I can’t even write an example of the sex in this review because my review would then be considered pornographic. “I” could get into trouble and NOT have my review posted because of the words I used that were in this book.
If this author wants to write this kind of book, then more power to her, but LABEL IT CORRECTLY AND WARN READERS WHO DON'T WANT TO READ SEXUALLY EXPLICIT STORIES AND FOR THOSE WHO ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18!

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