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"TAKE YOUR CHILD TO A BOOKSTORE Day" THIS Saturday, December 6th, 2014! Read on for more info!


Welcome! I was recently contacted and asked to SHARE THIS WITH YOU!

Jenny Milchman, author of the books, "Cover of Snow" (excellent book! My review for this book is HERE!) and most recently "Ruin Falls", January 2014, is the one who founded this important day! In fact, I have a Guest Post from her explaining all about this day! I hope you enjoy it as MUCH as I did!
Here it is from Jenny Milchman!

Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day
How to Build Literacy, Support Community, and Make Magic Happen
All in One Day

In 2010 I had two young children whom I was bringing to story hour at our local bookstore almost every week. After all, what better activity to do with kids? It was enriching, fun, even relaxing. I didn’t have to feel guilty when I drank that 700 calorie butterscotch latte from the coffee bar. I was running back and forth between adult fiction and the flower-flocked children’s section—working off the calories for sure.

My kids probably didn’t realize it was as much of a treat for me as for them. Which started me thinking—were other parents in on this secret? How many children knew the pleasure of spending time in a bookstore?

I frequent the mystery listserv, DorothyL, and a more avid group of readers you couldn’t hope to find. When I floated the idea for Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day, bloggers on the listserv spread the word. My husband designed a poster, a website, and bookmarks, and we designated the first Saturday in December as Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day. This would coincide with holiday gift giving, hopefully giving people the idea that books make great presents. Just two weeks later, 80 bookstores were celebrating.

That summer my husband and I loaded the kids into the car and drove cross-country, visiting more than fifty bookstores. (You can tell he’s a supportive guy). In 2011, the second annual Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day found over 350 bookstores celebrating in all 50 states. Some planned special celebrations—children’s book authors, puppet makers, singers, even a baker who led kids in a gingerbread cookie decorating activity—while others simply hung a poster in the window. When 2013 came around, and the number had risen to over 600 independent bookstores, and one major chain, we knew that word was getting out. Kids + bookstores = magic.

And maybe something even more than that.

There’s a cultural wave behind Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day. The word locavore isn’t just for a Dr. Seuss story anymore. Supporting your local community and the resurgence of Main Street are goals that more and more people recognize as important to build strong citizens as well as strong readers.

You know that old ad campaign, “Orange juice isn’t just for breakfast anymore”? I hear that now as, “Bookstores aren’t just for reading anymore.”

And by that I mean more than the fact that you can also buy toys, cards, gifts, or have your butterscotch latte at a bookstore. Bookstores are places where people come together over ideas and engage in a cultural conversation. That concept is so important I have to say it again. They are places where people come together. And booksellers are a group who know how to zig while others are zagging, so impassioned are they by their life’s pursuit. Their stores are places of physical interaction in an increasingly virtual world.

When you take a child to a bookstore, you stimulate his mind and all five senses. (If taste seems a stretch, just let her have the whipped cream on your latte). There’s a tactile dimension to the experience that seems rare these days. You also make that child a crucial part of the place where he lives, supporting it and helping it grow.

Best of all, these things happen in a guise that to the child is sheer magic. On the shelves of a bookstore sit gateways into whole new worlds. Children go into bookstores—but they come back out having journeyed somewhere else entirely.

This Saturday, December 6, 2014 is the fifth annual Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day. Whether you take your own child, a child you know, or the child inside yourself to a bookstore, together let’s build literacy, support community, and make magic happen.

+Jenny Milchman is a suspense novelist and mom from the Hudson River Valley who once drove past Disney with her children en route to the nearest bookstore. 

Jenny Milchman's website is HERE!
Jenny's webpage for "Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day" is HERE! 
At this webiste there is a MAP which you can find HERE! You can click on it to find all of the bookstores that are celebrating this! 
Even if you do NOT have a bookstore in your neighborhood that is celebrating this day, PLEASE STILL TAKE YOUR KIDS TO "ANY" BOOKSTORE! You can still celebrate it! Plus, maybe THEY ARE celebrating it, too! What's better than taking your kids to a bookstore, especially during the holidays season when it's so magical anyway?! YOU get to look around at books, too! Maybe you'll find something or yourself to set a great example to get your kids reading, too! OR - CALL YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORE AHEAD OF TIME and ask if they have any plans on celebrating it! Make sure to ask if there are any events going on, such as Storytelling Time and other things! Maybe they are handing out free books or have other things planned! Perhaps there is a local children's author planned to be there! You don't want to miss these! 
There is nothing more beautiful than to see a group of kids sitting around in a circle listening to someone reading them a book! It's PRICELESS!
Jenny Milchman's BLOG is HERE!
Jenny on Facebook is HERE!
Jenny on Twitter is HERE!
Jenny on Goodreads is HERE!

So don't forget! THIS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6th, 2014, 

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  1. Laurie, thanks so much for sharing word of the Day! You are such a supporter of books and readers...TYCBD is a natural fit for you :)


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