Friday, January 10, 2014

My Kind of Mystery Challenge - Feb 1, 2014 to Feb 28, 2015

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Here is what this Challenge is all about (copied and pasted) from our Sponsor's blog!
Mystery needs no murder!  I adore ancient places, eerie phenomenon…  Gothic greats of the 1960s-1980s, modern releases.  What’s your favourite?  This challenge welcomes the lot:  tutorials, biographies, fiction…  Any mystery and author-related material fits my all-encompassing theme.
Keep an eye out for fun riddles to solve throughout the year!
Click on the question above and it will take you to the answer!
Below are the levels we can commit to!  
 Mystery Levels 2014

(1)  Write about your goal and link it to this “My Kind Of Mystery” page.  *
(2)  Enter your URLnameand level into the link button below.
* Any public website (not ‘facebook’).  If we can click on Twitter, Pinterest…  without membership, great.  If need be, sign-up your direct Goodreads profile.  Then mark your progress via comments.

Any format.  Any demographic
If non-adult, I ask for pre-1991 publications.  Enough sites cater to youths.

Limitless length
A short story, multi-author compilations;  bring them to the table!

Reviews wanted
A link to GoodreadsBook Depository…  to say you finished.  A line is fine.

Catch your breath:  we launch February 1st, 2014 – February 28th, 2015!

What will I be reading? Well, I don't have a list made YET, at least not like the list that CMRIEDEL has! Wow! Does she have the list! I'll say it again! Wow! 
I will have to come back and add that later. I have until February 1, 2014. I can think of MANY mysteries I want to read! I will start out with the lower list, Secret Messages - 5-10, but knowing myself, I will most likely will end up working my way up to Unearthing Clues - 11-20. You know me! I LOVE Mystery/Suspense/Psychological Thrillers! I know last year alone I read more than 10 of these, so we;ll see ow it goes!
I LOVE how she has this worked to start in February! This gives me time to come up with a list! LOVE this! I also LOVE how this is designed FOR ADULTS! (Thank you!!)
I will keep track of my progress there and on Goodreads, as she says to up above! I have a LOT of mysteries I picked up at NetGalley! I've read most of them, but I do have a few stragglers to read yet. My list may end up being a LOT LONGER than what I am able to read, but hey! That's the FUN PART! Trying!!!
You will see the 1-10 listing that is currently BLANK on the CHALLENGES 2014 page for now.
Wish me fun!


  1. I do wish you fun. I'm thrilled you're in one of my pioneering 3 reading circles. Welcome! What a nice, excited post. Go ahead and choose books as your heart takes you, all year long. Mine swirl around. May 2014 be great for all of us, Carolyn.

    1. Hi Carolyn!
      I 'just now' found this comment welcoming me to the group! SO sorry I'm SO late in replying! This sounds like fun! Thank you for the warm welcome, too!

  2. Hi Laurie. The first 'A RIEDEL Clue' elapses in 21 hours! I'm letting members know -this time- so they grow used to monitoring "My Kind Of Mystery". If I leave a message at your blog; replying at mine gives us a central place, in consideration of my ├╝ber slow dial-up modem. It is a huge wait, or multiple tries) for non-Wordpress pages to load. When you add review links, I look forward knowing how you like the author-based linky buttons! Yours Truly, Carolyn.

    1. Hi Carolyn!
      I SO appreciate your reminder about the A Riedel Clue for the Mystery Challenge expiring in 21 hours! Phew! I 'did' forget! I better get over there now!
      Thank you for stopping by! I SO appreciate it!


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