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Dying for Sex by Lynn Albrecht and Giveaway only until the 15th!

About the book:
Lindy Sutton has her hands full. In between having her clown act clobbered by pint-sized critics, keeping a group of sex-crazed octogenarians from starting brawls in the raciest bar in town, and trying to keep her crazy Aunt Pip from being tossed out of Laughing Pines retirement home, she still has to contend with her son’s garish band bus parked in her driveway. Could things get any worse? Yup! Margaret Quaid, the social worker at Laughing Pines is found dead of an apparent overdose and the drop dead handsome detective on the case, thinks she stole the drugs from the retirement home and was pretty active in the world of wife swapping to boot. Lindy’s temper soars, along with her long dormant hormones, as she sets out to clear Margaret’s name, find the murderer and make the sexy detective eat crow. Aided and abetted by the aging but flamboyant Chappy Lowton, her eccentric and sarcastic sister, her best friend Patty, and that hoard of sex-crazed geriatrics, Lindy wades into the world of swingers only to find that there are plenty of people with a motive to kill the social worker.

My Take:
5 Stars
This book was a RIOT to read! I think there was not one page I did not laugh at! Spend one day in a retirement home, and you'll be in tears laughing at these people! It attracts ALL types! The scenarios were told very well, very detailed, and very well written. In the beginning there was one scene that was SO funny that one of the characters inhaled flour through a kitchen mishap! We are dealing with Octogenarians here, so I'm sure a few of you out there know what trouble they can get into without trying much! LOL!
This author CAN WRITE! She even had the main character, Lindy, talk to us directly, which I just loved! If there is any book you want to read that has some humor in it, or you want a hilarious book to escape to, THIS IS IT! You have murder, comedy and sex - what MORE could you ask for at ANY age? Gee, what do I read next? This one was SO GREAT!! 
I received this book for FREE from the Author in exchange to read and write a review about it. It is NOT required for this review to be either positive or negative, but of my own honest opinion. "Free" means I was provided with ZERO MONIES to read this book nor to write this review, but to enjoy the pure pleasure of reading it. I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255,
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The Author, Lynn Albrecht:
About the Author:
Lynn C. Albrecht started her career in broadcasting. Quickly realizing she was not going to be the next Lisa Laflamme, she entered the world of corporate communications. After years of writing videos, speeches, advertising, and dressing in power suits with shoulders pads that made her look like Hunter Hearst Helmsley, she had a great epiphany. She ditched the shoulder pads and returned to school. Five years later, she was released into the unsuspecting healthcare system as a social worker. She works at St. Mary’s General Hospital in Kitchener, Ontario.
Lynn lives in Baden, Ontario with her infinitely patient husband, John Belton.
Dying For Sex is her first book. She is currently hard at work on the second Lindy Sutton mystery.

You can find Lynn on Facebook by clicking on her name here: Lynn C Albrecht
You can find Lynn on Twitter by clicking on her name here: Lynn C Albrecht

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  1. Thank you for such a generous review Laurie. Your work helps bring new authors like me to the attention of readers. It is very much appreciated.

    1. Hi Lynn!
      It was a JOY to read your book! You really know how to hook the reader into reading your story! I loved it! Great writing, too!
      Thank YOU!

  2. Hello Laurie,

    On behalf of Lynn Albrecht and Book Marketing Services, I would like to thank you for hosting Lynn today on Laurie Here – Contemporary Fiction and MORE. She is honoured to be here and thrilled with the review you did on Dying for Sex. If anyone has any questions and/or comments they would like to share with Lynn, please leave them in the comment box. She will be sure to respond.

    Lynn is having an amazing giveaway during her tour. 1st prize: Kindle Paperwhite, 2nd prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card, 3rd prize: $25 Amazon Gift Card. Remember to enter for your chance to win one of these fabulous prizes. Click on the Rafflecopter link and log in with Facebook or your email.

    Please join Lynn tomorrow, Friday, December 13th, on Tana Rae Reads for her review of Dying for Sex.

    Book Marketing Services

    1. Heather,
      Thank you so much for stopping by! It's great to have you here!
      I want to say THANK YOU for having me join in on this fabulous tour! The book was a riot to read and written VERY well! She had me hooked from the beginning and I enjoyed it VERY much as you can see by my review! I can't wait to read MORE by Lynn Albrecht! She's an author I will be watching for MORE from!
      The Giveaway is TREMENDOUS! Wow!!! Thank Lynn for me for that, too, please! Everyone will want to get in on that one!
      Again, thank you!


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