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The NYT Top 15 Best Sellers for this previous week of August 11th 2013

Welcome to another week of the BEST OF THE BEST! Posted by NOON EVERY SUNDAY!
Hope YOU had a GREAT week! I've been busy reading and reading and reading away! I have SO MANY reviews to write now! Those will be coming!
It has been so COOL here! The temps have been in the low 70's, and some days in the high 60's, but I wonder if the high 60's is because we are so close to the lake? I'm not sure. It is unseasonably cool for us. At this time of year, we are usually SWELTERING! I'm afraid that might be over. Last year in September, we hit the end of the 2nd week, and the temps dropped and NEVER came back up! I don't know what September is going to bring this year? I really am starting to wonder if the Seasons are starting to change? It seems to be getting warmer earlier, and cooler earlier. A lot of our fruit trees in our state cannot tolerate this change immediately. I am hoping this year the crops do well. I don't know? Makes you wonder. I know there is all this talk about climate change, but THIS FAST? I don't think it would happen this fast? We'll see.
I am LOVING the cooler temps, though! I do NOT like to sweat! LOL! So I am LOVING this! This is the ONLY August in my LIFETIME I have EVER seen the temps THIS LOW, though! Sweat or not, I do kind of miss them, in a way!

Here is something you may ALL LOVE! BEST BOOKS OF 2013 so far! Click these words to see the books!

What are YOU reading this week? Please let us know in the COMMENTS section down below!

Let's say we get ON TO THE BOOKS!


1. The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith
Print Book: $15.19

ebook:       $  9.99


2. The Redemption of Callie & Kayden by Jessica Sorenson
Print book: $9.99

ebook:      $2.99


3. Complete Me (The Stark Trilogy): A Novel by J Kenner
Print book: $11.41

ebook:      $  9.99


4. Three Little Words by Susan Mallery
Print book: $7.19

ebook:      $5.99


5. Inferno by Dan Brown
Print book: $14.09

ebook:       $12.99


6. The English Girl: A Novel (Gabriel Allon) by Daniel Silva
Print book: $15.81

ebook:       $11.99


7. Jane's Melody by Ryan Winfield
Print book: $11.48

ebook:       $ 3.99


8. And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini
Print book: $14.87

ebook:      $10.99


9. Magic Rises (Kate Daniels) by Ilona Andrews
Print book: $7.19

ebook:      $7.59


10. Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn
Print Book: $12.84

ebook:       $12.99


11. Second Honeymoon by James Patterson AND Howard Roughan
Print book: $14.38

ebook:      $  9.99 - Finally! We HAVE an ebook price!


12. The Darkest Craving (Hqn) by Gena Showalter
Print book: $7.19

ebook:      $5.99


13. Hidden Order: A Thriller by Brad Thor
Print book: $16.79

ebook:      $11.99


14. The Highway by C J Box
Print book: $15.89

ebook:      $11.04


15. The Silent Wife: A Novel by A S A Harrison
Print Book: $9.60

ebook:       $8.89


So there we have our books! NO Indie Authors this week??? Hmmm??? Jessica Sorenson has a publisher this time, so . . . ?
We have a lot of different books from ALL genres! Just this week I requested The Silent Wife by A S A Harrison, but I just requested it last night, so I'll have to check back Monday or Tuesday to see if I got it!
Right now I'm reading Alex: The Commandant Camille Verhoeven Trilogy (The Cmdt Camille Verhoeven Tri) by Pierre Lemaitre and Frank Wynne (Translator) by Pierre Lemaitre and Frank Wynne (Translator) and it is GREAT! Camille is a French Detective, and they are trying to find a woman who has been kidnapped! There are translation problems, and I just LOVE how the author explains the translation or how things work in France, then he says, 'OK?' It's neat! Yes, there seems to be a whole slew of Psychological Thrillers coming out! Don't worry. There ARE good 'ol contemporary fiction, too, and a lot of all of it! That's why I'm reading like crazy, trying to make the deadlines of these New Releases. Most of them seem to be September 3rd, so keep your eyes open for them on Amazon, Goodreads or wherever you like to get your book updates!

What are YOU reading? Please let us know in the COMMENTS section below! We would LOVE to know!
Have a GREAT rest of the weekend!
Thanks for coming by!

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