Friday, May 24, 2013

Go the F**K to Sleep by Adam Mansbach - REVIEW

I saw this book when it first came out and made a mental note I HAD to get this book. I finally decided to buy it, and I enjoyed the heck out of this book!
Thankfully my difficulties with children NOT going to sleep are 'somewhat' memories now as they are grown, (see below!) but at the time, I was pulling my hair out! I had a daughter who would NOT go to bed and SLEEP, or she would play that game of going to bed, and the next thing I knew I heard that pitter-patter of her feet! There she was! UGH! It just about drove me to the crazy-farm! LOL!
There is nothing more frustrating than a child who will NOT sleep! Or, one child will not sleep, so that makes the younger one not sleep, too! You have had a long day with them, playing, cleaning, doing all the normal things parents would do, but . . . then your child will not go to sleep. Frustration, frustration, frustration! It can become anger sometimes, and then you just give up ANY thoughts of relaxation OR of getting ANY sleep for yourself! This part used to drive me crazy because I kind of felt as if I deserved a 'little' time to myself! NOT!
So I read this book silently to myself. It was good, but didn't hit the spot.
So then I read this book out loud with every feeling and emotion I had in my body from ALL those years of pent of emotions that easily came flooding back! I FELT it! I remembered EVERY detail of those nights! I related completely! It felt GREAT!
So I read it a second time! I LOVED it! The more I read it, the more humor I got out of the book! Yes, I started laughing and it felt great!
My consensus is: parents, if you are able to, or can go someplace where no children are around, read this book out loud several times, and you will vent ALL those emotions or of YEARS of pent up frustrations! I guarantee it! I promise it!
Excellent bedtime story for adults!
Okay - here is my 'see below': My son is 15 now. He is over on the weekends. Do you know I STILL have nights like this where he will NOT GO TO SLEEP? At about 3:00am when I can NO LONGER keep my eyes open, this book is on my Kindle Fire HD, so I get this book out and read it to myself, and I'll just look up at him and smile! LOL!

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