Thursday, May 9, 2013

Book Bash! YES! +Colleen Hoover IS going! Colleen will be on CBS and MORE important info!

+Colleen Hoover IS GOING TO BE ON THE CBS MORNING SHOW EITHER THURSDAY OR FRIDAY MORNING!! WOOOO-HOO! JUST SET YOUR DVR's to be SURE TO CATCH HER INTERVIEW!!! IF the show does NOT air those days, be SURE to set it for Monday, May 13th, too, just in case. You never know with those types of news shows. She was supposed to be on today, Wednesday, May 8th, but got bumped because of "breaking news". No, I don't know what the 'breaking news' was.

No, there is NO LINK TO THE CBS VIDEO YET because it has not aired yet.

I came across this GREAT video from +Colleen Hoover 's website today! You're going to LOVE it!
Then there is another video, too (I already saw this one on TV, but it's AWESOME! Even if you've already seen it, you'll enjoy seeing it again!) ENJOY!

Plus, MORE of +Colleen Hoover 's books that just released and will be releasing is below AFTER the videos! 

Want to stay in touch with Colleen? Here is her website: It's a GREAT idea to subscribe because you'll get the latest and greatest!

Yes! +Colleen Hoover IS going to #BOOK BASH! This video is SOOOO funny! LOTS of big name #Indie Authors who have self published, then were picked up by the Big 6 Publishing Houses! For those of you who LOVE NEW ADULT, you'll LOVE these videos!

What is Book Bash? Go HERE and you can find out a LOT! And, watch this video!

Book Bash 2013

Colleen Hoover IS going to Book Bash!

Nightline presents the New Adult Genre

This Girl: A Novel by +Colleen Hoover EBOOK IS AVAILABLE NO!!! JUST RELEASED on April 30th!
There are already 284 reviews on this book! WOW! The paperback will release on August 13th, and IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW! Grab THIS NOW! (You can click on Paperback while you're at this LINK to Amazon, and it will take you there so you can pre-order it!) Click the title in BLUE, UP ABOVE, AND IT WILL TAKE YOU RIGHT TO THE BOOK AT AMAZON WHERE YOU CAN PRE-ORDER THE PAPERBACK BY CLICKING ON "PAPERBACK"!
Ebook: $7.59

Losing Hope: A Novel by +Colleen Hoover ! No cover photo YET. The Ebook is to be released on July 9th, 2013 (woo-hoo!) and the paperback will be released on October 5th, 2013! Again, to Pre-Order the Paperback, click on the TITLE ABOVE and it will take you to AMAZON where you can do so!
Ebook: $7.59

Why do the ebooks get released first? I'm guessing here, but . . . I think it's because they are a digital file, and those are simply made. As far as the Paperback, just think about the printing process! The artwork for the cover, editing for that, the fonts decisions, size, price, more and more, the printing, the binding, etc., etc., etc., before they finally are shipped to the stores for SALE!!
When you stop and think about it, a physical book takes a LOT longer than an ebook ever would. So patience everyone, patience!

And by golly, by gosh! I was never into YA, but . . .
I AM "LOVING" the NEW ADULT GENRE and am SO INTO NEW ADULT, that I cannot get enough of it! BRING IT ON! MORE NEW ADULT, PLEASE!

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