Monday, April 1, 2013

I joined bloglovin! I am claiming my blog!

I joined Bloglovin! You'll be able to follow me this way, too! Click it  at the bottom! I'm not sure what you'll find "YET"! It's another way for you to follow me!
I joined this AGES ago, and forgot about it! (Actually, I got side-tracked! I know! "I" don't do things like that!! HA!!! LOLOL!!! Yes I do!!!)
Confession Time: I get side-tracked SO often, it's crazy!
So, today I went over to Kathy's NEW but the SAME BLOG - confusing, huh? It's beautiful! MORE so than the one on Blogger! 
For those of you who don't know, I Am A Reader, Not A Writer was at Blogger but SHE MOVED! She has switched over to Wordpress! 
You can click through to GO TO HER BLOG IN MY RIGHT SIDE COLUMN JUST ABOVE WHERE THE BLOG HOP GIVEAWAYS ARE POSTED. You'll see it! I put her button there for a while to help anyone out who may be looking for her blog! Otherwise, later it will go under the TAB called BLOGS I FOLLOW!
So while I was at her NEW Blog, I saw a blue circle with a white PLUS SIGN in the center - it says, "Follow this Blog with bloglovin'!" That made me remember I had done that, but never did anything WITH it! I have an account there, so I thought I should finish what I started, so I am right now! 
Thanks, Kathy! Without knowing it, you  helped me remember!

Now I have to do what it says to do: CLAIM YOUR BLOG! So with this post, that is what I am doing! Claiming my Blog! So here I am! LOL!!!

Go ahead! Click it! It might not YET be set-up, such as my profile, etc., but you should be able to Follow Me that way! Click through to it and see what's on the other side! Try it out!

Eventually, I WILL have my profile and all the other things up on Bloglovin!

This is just the FIRST step!

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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