Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do you get an error message saying you need to "Update your Sync Password" for your Google account? Here's the answer!

I am sharing this experience I had because I could NOT figure it out. I could NOT fix this, and it drove me crazy! I could NOT EVEN FIND HELP!
Here is my answer!
Do you keep getting an error message that says you need to UPDATE YOUR SYNCH PASSWORD? I did, for months, until one day my Google+ would not even work! However, it DID work in Internet Explorer? Go figure?
Drove me NUTS!!! I forgot it, could NOT get it, and I was logged OUT and could NOT Resync my Passphrase at all! UGH!
We had been saving to buy a NEW computer and bought the Geek Squad coverage! I asked THEM How do I fix this issue? I trusted them, even though I was scared to do so, but it worked!
This is how you do it: In the Google Dashboard, and if you can't get there in any way, shape or form, type this in the address bar:
YOUR Dashboard WILL come up.
Now that it's up, the very first line at the top has 2 options UNDER SIGN IN.
The first says to "Disconnect your Google Account" and the other is "Advanced Synch Settings".
"I" thought if I hit that button that says "Disconnect your Google Account" that the world would END! I thought I would lose EVERYTHING! Guess what it is? It ONLY signs you OUT of Google! That's it!
Then the next screen that comes up says "Sign In"! I did! It synced my computer! YES! It did NOT close my account like I thought it would! I STILL have ALL access to Google+! It was NOT the end of the world! HOORAY!
Thanks to the Geek Squad, my computer is now Synced! What a beautiful thing! Thank you, Geek Squad!
There, now YOU can Synch YOUR computer!
The Geek Squad DID suggest that Google CHANGE THE WORDING in that section to "SIGN OUT"! I AGREE!
Thanks, Geek Squad!
Hope this helps you!
Chrome Version (newest version):
Operating System (Windows 7/8/Vista/XP, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS):
Extensions (type Chrome:extensions into your omnibox): A ton of them!

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