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Slammed by Colleen Hoover - Book Review

My rating: "5 stars!!" Masterpiece!

Wow! Oh my GOSH, WOW! What a book! I am STILL 'SINGING THE PRAISES' of  this book! This book is on my TOP 12 List for the BEST OF 2012 BOOKS! 
Even though this book is in the Young Adult/New Adult genre, ALL AGES CAN READ and SHOULD READ this AWESOME LOVE STORY! You will enjoy this book IMMENSELY! Even older adults will enjoy this book immensely! (I am 45 and LOVED this book!) You can feel the emotions of this couple, OH, SO GOOD! 
This book has stayed with me, and I don't think I will forget this book ANY time soon! This is one of those very rare books I would read over again in a heartbeat, and DO plan to in the future!
I don't know if my Review of this book will even do this book ANY justice, but I'll try and give a little of what I thought of it - OUTSTANDING!
I had seen this book on other blogs, and it looked interesting and I heard nothing but GREAT things about it from others who have read it! Not to mention how FAST it climbed the charts! WOW! I wanted to read it, and it was in my mental 'to read list', so one day I just bought it and did read it. Wow! I was literally BLOWN AWAY by how GREAT THIS BOOK IS! I am STILL blown away! 
Wow! WHAT TALENT! In my opinion, this author knew 'exactly' what she wanted to write, and exactly 'how' she wanted to write this book and the sequel. The ideas and probably even the entire outline of the books was  probably rolling around in her head for quite some time. She already had this book written, it was just stuck in her head as she could not YET get the time to write it down, in my opinion! She has younger children, who are NOT conducive to writing! We ALL know this! My thoughts are while she could not write this book, literally, she was still planning and writing this story in her head all along! Plain and simple as that. She just needed the opportunity to get some time away from everyone to be able to write it. In this book she thanks her family - her husband and her children, for allowing her to shut herself in her bedroom for a month and just write until she was done. Thus, this book was born! KOODLES TO COLLEEN HOOVER! Thank you for getting the words OUT of your head and onto paper!
Every Sunday, I watch the New York Times Top 15 Best Seller list, and I just watched this book climb higher and higher to inside of the Top 10! The sequel, "Point of Retreat', is also climbing the charts! 
This author did such a wonderful job of writing this book as an Independent Author, that Simon and Schuster Publishing House has now purchased these books from her, and have published their own copies of it! 
CONGRATULATIONS to Colleen Hoover, the author!!!!! See! An Indie Authors CAN made it BIG! Koodles to Indie Authors!
Okay - what else made me want to read this book? Intrigue! What was between the two covers of this book that has everyone gobbling up this book? I HAD to know! Also, just what IS 'Slam Poetry'? I  have never heard of it before. I must find out! So, I did. Boy am I glad I did!
What really intrigued me the most about this book was learning about SLAM Poetry! As I said, I had never even 'heard of it' until this book! This was definitely something I did not learn when I went to High School! All I had ever known about Poetry was plain 'ole poetry. After learning what Slam Poetry is, now I would love to do it! You need to read the book to find out what I'm talking about if you don't know what SLAM Poetry is.
What is this book about? The book starts off with Lake, and her brother Kel, having to follow along with their mother's decision to move to Michigan where they have relatives close by. Since their father's recent death, this left them alone in Texas where they were living, and their mother felt it would be much better to be living near their relatives given the situation. No one was really looking forward to moving to Michigan, but they did it.
However, when they get to their new house, Lake meets a young man who lives across the street from her, named Will. They are strongly attracted to each other from the moment they first meet, and you can feel the attraction between the two of them, too. If you ask me, they are in love already. It might sound like lust at first, but when these two are out on dates and finishing each other's sentences, well . . . It's as if they have been together forever already! They continue to date, to learn more and more about each other, and now they have another thing in common. Both of their young nine year old brothers have quickly become best friends, and are inseparable! Both of their houses are a revolving doors for the boys. It's as if these boys are brothers! 
As we are reading along, Lake and Will's attraction is SO strong you can feel it. This is what really hooked me into this book and turning the pages as fast as I could! Oh my! Love in the first stages yet it feels like they've been together forever and are perfect for one another! The emotions it stirs inside of you are so many different ones! In one moment you feel like this, in another you feel like that, and in another you want Lake and Will's relationship to go further than what it is. I found myself cheering them on! OH MY! 
Ah! Lake and Will's relationship is going strong. Very strong.  
School starts. Lake is in her senior year. One last year of High School then on to college.
Lake and her brother find out their mother has had a secret she had been holding back from them, and it is revealed, bringing with it a HOST of other problems. 
Life changes drastically.
This is it! This is ALL I can tell you without giving spoilers and you don't want those! You MUST read this book! I read it in ONE SITTING! The Author writes SO well, she keeps you glued to the pages, flipping them one after the other! I finished this book after 4:00am! 314 pages FLEW BY! You CANNOT put this book down! I am not just saying this, either. Many people say this about books, but I am honestly telling you the TRUTH! I could NOT stop reading this book! 
Dizzying LOVE! Butterflies in the stomach! The BEST kind!
*If you read ONLY 'one' book this year, THIS IS "THE BOOK" TO READ!*
I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!
I purchased this book for myself to read for my own personal enjoyment. I read this because "I wanted to read it!" It met and exceeded ALL of my expectations! 
This book was "Butterflying AMAZING!" To understand what I mean by that, you must read the sequel, "Point of Retreat"!
This Author's muse: The Avett Brothers
Trhoughout the book, at the beginning of every Chapter, there is a quote from one of their songs. She LOVES the Avett Brothers, and they inspired her to write this novel. WAY COOL!

Here's the sequel, too! You're going to WANT IT RIGHT AWAY!


  1. I've heard really good things about this series too. I love reading reviews about a book that just blows the reader's mind.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Sophia!
    OH YES! This book DOES blow your mind! WOW!!! Like I said, I read the one book one night, and the next book the next night! I threw everything aside and didn't even check my email, Twitter, or even Facebook! I read and read and read! They were AWESOME! LOVED these books!
    Interesting thing here! Now that Simon & Schuster has bought these books out, they WERE on the New York Times Best Seller list, and now they are GONE/OFF THE LIST! I attribute this to Social Networking! Colleen worked SO HARD at doing ALL the Social Networking of this book, and SHE was VERY successful with it! Now that S&S has it, they DON'T DO SOCIAL NETWORKING like the Independent Authors do, it has fallen OFF THE LISTS!!!
    I AM AMAZED at how POWERFUL Social Networking is! Wow! This book PROVES IT! Amazing, huh!
    I believe the big publishing houses are going to HAVE to start RELYING on Social Networking in order to push their books! They keep trying to think of different ways to market their books, and have NOT quite hit the nail on the head with the advertising! THIS IS IT! SOCIAL NETWORKING! I say this because this is the ONLY DIFFERENCE! Amazing!
    The books ARE AMAZING!
    They WILL blow you away!
    I am SO GLAD I had the opportunity to read them! Thank you ALL THE INDEPENDENT AUTHORS FOR SOCIALIZING YOUR BOOKS!!!
    If YOU come across any books that WOW you, PLEASE let me know!
    Thanks SO much for leaving a comment!

  3. Hey Laurie! I'm so glad you loved it! I've read it the other night then quickly followed by the Point of Retreat the next night. It's just so effin' butterflying great! I'm so happy for Colleen that she can have it published by Atria Books!

    I love the Avett Brothers! :D

    And hey, I love Something Like Normal and Pushing the Limits. :) Hope you can read those some time!

    1. franchie12,
      Thanks for the comment and book recommendations! I hope they are BUTTERFLYING AMAZING, TOO!
      I'm NEW to the Avett Brothers! I'm SO out of touch when it comes to music! I'm still stuck in the 80's! Pathetic, huh!
      Thanks again!

  4. Hi there, the September edition of Books You Loved has now posted. Here is the link Books You Loved September Edition Please do pop by and link in a post about a book you loved. Maybe this one? Cheers

  5. Hi Carole!
    I just saw your comment here about the review I did on "Slammed" by Colleen Hoover! You left a link for me to post the review in "Books You Loved, September Edition". I will go post it there NOW! I'm interested in taking a look at that! It sounds like you have this monthly. Sounds like a GREAT idea! Can't wait to check it out, and I'm on my way there, now, to post it!
    Thanks for sharing this with us!
    If anyone would like the LINK for this, it is
    Go on over and check it out! There are a LOT of blogs listed with the books they loved for September!
    Carole, what a GREAT way to get AWESOME book recommendations! LOVE what you have done with this!
    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  6. Laurie - how kind you are to have linked in and said such nice things about my Books You Loved series. Cheers


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