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Losing Elizabeth by Tanya J Peterson - REVIEW

Goodreads Synopsis:
High school junior Elizabeth Carter is self-confident and outgoing with a bright future. Life is good for Elizabeth, then she meets Brad Evans. To those on the outside, and even to Elizabeth at first, her life gets even better with Brad. Slowly and insidiously, though, Brad takes control of Elizabeth. Is she really as lucky as she thinks she is? What price is she willing to pay to be this popular, charming, attractive senior boy's girlfriend? Is she envied...or pitied? Most importantly, does she have to lose herself in order to be Brad's significant other?

My Take:
This is a short book, only 147 pages, but it sure packs a punch!
When we first meet Elizabeth Carter, she is in the hospital, she is just waking up from being unconscious. This is a good sign, but the injuries are so very severe,  what happened? A blow to the head hard enough to knock her unconscious long enough to be transported to the hospital and get her stabilized. Once her parents arrived she starts to wake up. This was a very good sign. Although, after waking up, she did not feel so good. She learned she has three cracked ribs, deep contusions on her back, sides and stomach, and a sprained elbow, not to mention all the other contusions all over her body. What happened? 
This story starts off by showing us how much Elizabeth Carter loves to play tennis and hang out with her girlfriends. This year, her Junior year at Chesterville High School, she is hoping to make the Varsity Team. She loves tennis so much. She loves the feel of the racket in her hand, the feel of hitting the ball in what she calls 'that sweet spot on the racket'. It is her passion. Her other passion is her best girlfriends. Elizabeth is just another everyday ordinary girl who loves and is doing everything she loves.
In the meantime, she also has her eyes on Brad Evans who is a very popular  football player. He is the hottest guy in school and everyone knows it. Everyone also knows he  is now single, too. Brad was dating Sarah Wilson, but the gossip was she dumped him, or did he dump her? Now Brad is single and available. Wow! She is geeked just thinking about him and the slight 'chance' she might have of going on a date with him. Elizabeth's girlfriends are making fun of her, and she's rolling with the punches, but later that evening when they go to the Junior/Senior hangout at Grizzly's, Brad is there. Her heart flutters with nervousness. He is causing all kinds of commotion, though. Hmm? She and her girlfriends think Brad and the other football players must be rehashing the game over again.
Elizabeth goes up to the counter to get something to drink, and Brad approaches her. Her stomach is jittering. They end up sitting and talking, and she does realize he is quite full of himself. She thinks of it as him just being such a popular Senior football player. 
They start to date! Over time though, Brad tries and succeeds at cutting Elizabeth off from her friends, and even tries to talk her out of playing tennis. He starts to become quite obsessive/possessive, too much so. 
A while after Elizabeth had been dating Brad, Sarah Wilson, Brad's ex-girlfriend, tries to approach her to talk to her. Elizabeth tells her to go away and thinks she's just jealous and wants Brad back. No, that's not the reason at all, but she doesn't find this out until she is in the hospital.
There is a lot more to this story yet, but I can't tell you everything! It is a very worthwhile read because perhaps you will notice something that will trigger a thought or memory for you or someone else in your life and you can reach out to them. I am ecstatic the author wrote about the subject of abuse, and especially about abuse from a 'boyfriend'. When we think about abuse, our first thoughts are abuse to children, or abuse in a marriage. We don't often think about abuse in dating necessarily, and it does happen much more often than you/we may think. It may also just be the beginning of things to come, too, meaning a young guy may be on his best behavior until marriage, then surprise. Abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of everything, unfortunately. It's a very sad thing when it happens.
This book is excellent for young girls before they start dating and for all young adults who are dating because it is education. The more educated we are about things, the more power we have to NOT allow them to happen, therefore, I highly suggest reading this story.
This story shows some hints and clues in this relationship that was dysfunctional from the very beginning of it. Abuse does not discriminate.
Kudos to the author for bringing this subject matter to the limelight!
I received this book for FREE from the Author in exchange to read this book and write a review about it.  It is NOT required for this review to be either positive or negative, but, of my own honest opinion. “Free” means I was NOT provided with ANY MONIES to read this book nor to write this review, but to enjoy the pure pleasure of reading the book. I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255,
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  1. This is a subject that is very near and dear to my heart. I am so glad that there are authors out there willing to tackle this subject.

    1. Hi Amanda!
      Thanks for coming on by and leaving a comment! Yes, this is also a subject very near and dear to my heart, too. I saw this book up for review, and I grabbed for it! I wanted to read and review it because WHO thinks about abuse in DATING??? Not many people at all! IT HAPPENS, A LOT! Sounds like you know a little bit about this issue. I feel if we can catch girls young enough, it can only serve to help them! I PRAY it helps!!! I hope you entered the Summer Giveaway Hop because I am giving it away so I can share it with MORE people! I asked if you win it, to PLEASE SHARE IT!!! That way we can help spread the message to MORE young women!
      Thanks AGAIN for stopping by and leaving a comment! It's SUPER appreciated!

  2. It is sad, but it is happening. The book sounds great.

    1. Hello, PT!
      I've been on vacation, then I've been watching the Olympics, so I'm late in replying. I'm sorry. I have been away from my blog all but for the essentials.
      I am SO glad you have left a comment! Thank you! This is in reply to Losing Elizabeth by Tanya J Peterson. Elizabeth is a teenager who ended up getting a boyfriend who happened to abuse her. You mentioned it is sad, but it is happening.
      I could not agree with you more. It is VERY sad. TRULY sad.
      Although, I am SO GLAD that this author wrote this book to bring AWARENESS TO THIS PROBLEM! YEAH!!!
      The MORE teens read about this, the better off they are! This is where I wished the author had gotten a little deeper in the book as to the signs of abuse, and what to watch for. BUT, at least this is OUT THERE! She was brave and WROTE ABOUT IT! THAT, MAKES ME SOOOO HAPPY!
      It was a GREAT book! VERY worthwhile for ANY AND ALL TEENS TO READ! I HOPE they will consider it! It is a HUGE problem, and a lot of times they hide it, as they feel ashamed, which they should NEVER feel ashamed! Sometimes the boyfriends can make these young girls FEEL as if it was THEIR OWN FAULT, and we ALL KNOW it was NOT! I hope this book brings to light that MANY teens ARE abused and to learn to stand up for themselves, and to TALK ABOUT IT! I would LOVE to see this!
      We can HOPE!
      Thanks again for the comment! I HOPE some teens out there saw this review!
      Have a GREAT rest of the summer!


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